Sunday, February 23, 2020

Basement activities.......

7:05 am - Sunday - February 23rd - Borrego Springs, CA - 50° F, 71% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the southeast.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 76° F.  The view this morning......↴

 Sun just peaking over the eastern horizon

 For what seems like many weeks now TLE and I have been talking about opening up all of our storage bins on both sides of the Newell, pulling everything out, and then vacuuming them.  We also needed to find out if there were any varmints nesting in any of them.  When you sit in one place for 9 months the odds are you will, unintentionally, take on new residents.  Additionally, we had been seeing ants here and there back prior to our leaving RORVR, and since then, and we wanted to get to the bottom of that.  Finally, Saturday morning, just prior to the advent of our local wind event, we did just that.....

 TLE cleaning out the electrical bay

We did find the beginnings of an old mouse nest in here, but no where else

.....we found just one spot in the storage bay where we keep our fresh water hoses, etc. where there were the beginnings of a mouse nest, but it looked pretty old.  We did not find any ants in any of the basement storage areas, so we are mystified at where they are coming from.  We will probably have to set off an insect bomb at some point, as they may be living inside the walls.  There aren't many, but we see several small ants per day.  While TLE vacuumed out the other storage bays I busied myself with cleaning out both sides of the water bay using clorox wipes to wipe a year's worth of dirt, and grime off the linoleum flooring upon which the fresh water, and waste water tanks sit.  As our timing would have it we finished about 30 minutes before the wind velocity rose around 11 am, and were back inside for the duration of the day.

The skies were mostly cloudy all day, which was inhibiting our ability to recharge our house batteries, so I deployed the Honda 2000i generator to not only power our vacuum, but assist our solar panels in their charging efforts.  Since the generator was on I decided to watch, for the first time in weeks, some PGA golf.  Tiger wasn't playing, but it was just nice to sit and watch some golf whilst the winds reeked havoc outside.

By sunset the winds had abated somewhat, and we were treated to a very pleasant sunset......

....which was observed from the comfort of the Newell interior.  As I write this morning the winds have returned, but are not as forceful as yesterday's.

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  1. We had ants in the RV. I put borax under & behind where we were seeing them, a small line of the powder along the wall/floor seam. I went to Walmart and bought all 3 of the different ant baits and spread those out in the general area where we saw the ants. I'm talking under the couch and under the kitchen drawers & that area.
    No more ants.

  2. Our experience has been Terro ant liquid killer not only kills the ants you see but the ones you don't see because they carry it back to the nest.

  3. Terro Liquid Ant Killer kills the ants you see as well as the ones you don't see because they carry it back to the nest.


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