Saturday, February 22, 2020


7:10 am - Saturday - February 22nd - Borrego Springs, CA - 59° F, 64% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north by northeast.....forecast high for today is 68° F.  The view this morning......↴

Another 'ugly' day in the Anza!

 We were up early Friday to see Fred and Sandra off.....'s always somewhat bittersweet as you watch your friends disappear over the horizon. 

It's been a while since I paid a visit to the local COSTCO pharmacy.  My prescriptions for the past 6 months were filled by the COSTO in Poway, but now we are in the Anza Borrego Desert, a good 2.5 hour drive from Poway.  This is why I love COSTCO.....I just call the Poway COSTCO pharmacy and tell them I am going to move my prescriptions, and then the COSTCO in La Quinta to have them transferred there....takes 2 minutes.  Within a day I receive a text message from La Quinta advising all three of my prescriptions are ready for pickup.  I first set up my prescriptions with COSTO when we were in Nashville, last December, and have just moved them to the nearest COSTCO as we reposition across the U.S.  Anyway, we had decided Friday was the day to drive the 59 miles into La Quinta to retrieve my next 30 days of pills.  We were on the road by 9 am reaching the Walmart right next door to COSTCO just at 10 am.  We then filled our gas tank at the COSTCO fuel station, and then while TLE purchased a few necessities, I picked up my prescriptions.  Oh, and some good news I forgot to cardiologist has given May 20th as the last day I take the Brillinta, so I'll now be down to just my blood pressure medication, a baby asprin, and my cholesterol medication each day.

On another front, I have not written about RORVR much after we were let go back on January 24th.  Since we left our friends and co-workers, Jo and Dave, quit (February 20th....and that is an interesting story all in itself), as well as our former managers, Rich and Marnie, the same day.....they were only staying until Jo. and Dave left.  So, right now, there is one inexperienced person in the front office, and one part time person outside, but only Monday through one on the weekends when we are at our busiest.  The owners apparently had no idea the course of events they were unleashing when they changed their focus from maintenance to sales.  I think the issue is owners of RV parks think workampers need them, when it is actually quite the opposite.  We don't need them....we are vagabonds by nature, and there are a thousand other jobs just waiting out there, and we can get another one very quickly.  The truth is they, the owners, need us, but all too often they don't understand that until we roll our wheels and leave.

I say all that to say this......Rich and Marie moved their home down near us over in Ocotillo Wells, just 20 miles from our location, so on our way home we arranged to stop by and see them to get the postmortem on their last days at RORVR.  We arrived at their boondock location around 12:30 pm, and spent the next two hours talking and laughing.  They are, as I have said before, the best RV park mangers for whom we have worked in our 8 years on the road........

Back together again!

......and we would work for them again fact there is something already cooking for the summer of 2021.   On top of that they have become good friends.  They plan to be at their Ocotillo boondock location another two weeks, so we made plans to meet for breakfast at Kendall's in a few days, and then hike with them to the rock snake sculpture, which they have not yet seen.

Based on the weather forecast we expected clouds to begin rolling in again, and we were not disappointed.  The sunset took a while to unfold Friday evening.......

 There is comes

.....but by by 5:40 pm we were treated to another spectacular sunset.....we just had to wait a bit for it.....

......the sunset lasted until almost 6 pm, which is unusual.  Just as we were getting into bed for the night we began to hear that familiar pitter patter of the forecast rain showers on our aluminum roof....what a nice way to slip off to dreamland!

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  1. Idle curiosity on my part but what are the owners of RORVR selling?

    1. They want more monthly customers, so they hired "sales people".....90 day plan is to increase monthly customers from 42 to 80. One month in they have a net increase of one new monthly customer, which one more than we predicted.

  2. Always interesting how chain of events happen when these places let good people go. Good, hard working folks are an asset and your so right the parks need us.....the majority of us don't need them. As you said there are a ton of other options and job opportunities waiting else where for good workers. Enjoy your time with friends! 😁

  3. The Quiet One RV Park in Rockport Tx that I had been going to for many years changed owners last summer. The new owners now think the RV travelers are at their mercy. I am seeing some of that all over the country in the last couple of years. As you can expect, the Old Fat Man will not return there next winter.

  4. We're at Indian Wells RV Resort in La Quinta. Wish we had known you were going to be in town Friday!


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