Friday, February 28, 2020


7:40 am - Fifth Saturday - February 28th - Borrego Springs, CA - 57° F, 27% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north by northwest.....heavy overcast today with a forecast high of 82° F.

When we visited with Rich and Marnie last week we agreed to meet for breakfast at Kendall's Cafe this week, and then take a hike up to the rock snake sculpture.  Ultimately it was decided to meet at 8:30 am for breakfast, so we were in the VW by 8:20 am.  A rare thing occurred at breakfast.....we all ordered the same thing......1 egg, bacon, and french toast.....the #2 breakfast often does that happen?  Conversation over breakfast was non-stop.

Instead of driving back to the Newell to begin the hike we left S-22 at Rockhouse Road and parked about 100 yards from the trailhead......

.....from there it is only 1/2 mile to the rock snake sculpture.  It probably took us less than 20 minutes to cover the distance, and there we were...... our great surprise we found two new sculptures since we were here 10 days ago.....



......regrettably, for the first time since we began coming to this site years ago someone had vandalized three of the existing sculptures.....the big wave surfer, the crow, and part of the wolf howling at the made me sick to my stomach to see those beautiful works of art destroyed beyond recognition.....

 The big wave surfer was completely obliterated

 Just the moon part of the wolf howling was destroyed

The crow was obliterated beyond repair

......I could not bring myself to take pictures of the destruction, but here they are before they were least we have the pictures, and the memory.  We finished our hike back to our VW's and once again exchanged our 'until next times'.  Spending 9 months working with Rich and Marnie, and then reconnecting three times since we left has been special, and we look forward to seeing them down the road.....who knows what the future holds, correct?

After getting home I checked the level of our fresh water tank......

....we've got about 65 gallons to last us the last four days we are here, which is way more than we need.  We have, over the course of our stay, poured in about 22 gallons on new water, so without the addition we would be down to a little over 40 gallons....still more than enough to finish out our sojourn.

By the time sundown came Thursday we had very, very heavy cloud cover, so there was no sunset, but that doesn't mean we can't have a sunset fire, right?  We invited our new neighbors, Tom and Martha Ann to join us, and they brought with them some wonderful guacamole and chips.  The are from Colorado, and travel with their travel trailer during the winter......Borrego Springs is also one of their favorite places to boondock, so they must be really good people.  We talked until almost 7 pm.....where did the time go?

Through the cloud cover I was able to catch a picture of the crescent moon, and Venus side by side (the moon is on the left)......TLE made some scrambled eggs for dinner, and we spent the rest of the evening reading, and listening to the 'Sirruisly Sinatra' station on Sirrius/XM Radio....a great way to end a special day in the Anza Borrego.

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