Friday, February 21, 2020

Playing the slots......

7:25 am - Friday - February 21st - Borrego Springs, CA - 47° F, 52% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the west by northwest....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 79° F.

Thursday was the last full day Fred and Sandra would be sharing our boondock site with us, and that was also the day we had set to hike the local slot canyon.  We agreed to meet at 9 am to drive the 8 miles down S-22 to the trailhead.....we are both punctual folk, and were already loading our hiking poles, and Camelbak's in the rear of Fred's 2004 Dodge diesel 4x4 pickup at 8:45 am, so we just left 15 minutes early.  

The hike is only 4 miles roundtrip (out and back), but it is very scenic, and there are few obstacles which must be overcome going and coming, so we took about 2 hours to complete the hike.......

 The beginning of the slot canyon hike

 One of the obstacles

 Looks big enough, but you have to scrunch down pretty low to get under it

.....we spent the entire hike talking non-stop, and it did not seem like two hours had elapsed when we returned to the truck.  We did this hike 3 years ago, and it seemed in a few places that things had changed.....perhaps from a flash flood, or two, or perhaps someone had made a couple of obstacles easier to surmount....I'm not sure.  At any rate, we had a lovely hike, and were back at the Newell with Fred and Sandra before 11:30 am.

Of course, after a hike there is always the 'nap', and I'm pretty sure I took at least two naps over the course of the afternoon while I read on the 'lido deck'.  As I read, and napped clouds began to move across the sky from west to east, and by 5 pm it was quite apparent we were in for a little more than the usual subtle Anza Borrego sunset...

 My old ashtray broke, so I found this new one at the Frugal Coyote

.......clouds on the western horizon at sunset are not a guaranty of a great sunset, but the odds are in your favor.  The sunset began subtly enough........

......and eventually the hoped for light show materialized....... lasted over 30 minutes, and then it was gone, but not the memory.....

.....Fred and Sandra joined us for their last Anza Borrego sunset, and we talked until almost 6 pm.  Friday morning it will be time to say our 'until next times' to Fred and Sandra, and they will be missed.  Spending the last 2+ weeks as their neighbor has been special, and we will hope to cross paths again.

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