Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Back to the 'silent lamb'....

7:15 am - Tuesday - November 30th - Anza Borrego Desert, CA - 52° F, 18% humidity, wind - CALM....crystal, clear, dustless skies today with a forecast high of 84° F.  On this date in 2014 we had just arrived home after our first 21 months of travelling fulltime....sitting around the fire with our kids and their friends......↴

.....was up in time for sunrise this morning......↴

Way back on October 1st when we left SRRVC* in our rearview mirrors for the last time I was already thinking ahead to another sojourn at one of our all time favorite boondocking places....the Anza Borrego Desert about 8 miles out of Borrego Springs.  As you may recall, or already knew, borrego is Spanish for lamb.  As our plans began to take shape we pretty much knew we would be spending the month of December there with couple of the last days of November thrown in for good measure.  If current plans come to fruition, we'll move back down the hill to Ocotillo Wells New Year's Eve to join our kids once again.

It's not often I think that far ahead in time, but since the first time we came to this place near Rock House Road (off S-22) we have been drawn back time and time again, with each stay becoming longer and longer.  We were here twice in 2016, then again in 2017, 2020, and now 2021.  We arrived here on February 4th of that year, and remained here until March 2nd.....26 days in all....our longest stretch without dumping our black tank, and our longest stretch boondocking period.  

Each day we are here we spend time just sitting in our anti gravity chairs enjoying the giant view in front of us....at the base of those mountains lies, ironically, Clark Dry Lake Bed, so it only stands to reason why we are drawn year after year to this place.  

We were up early Monday morning, were ready to roll by 8:30 am, and by 8:40 am we were headed back east on S-22 to the Travel Center to dump our tanks, take on fresh water, and top off our 60 gallon propane bank.  By 9:45 am we were headed west once again on S-22 for about 22 miles to our Anza Borrego boondock site about 60 yards off the highway.  We had hauled out the turf once again, (I don't remember ever loading, then unloading that turf all in the same day....lol) were set up for a month by 11:30 am, and a few minutes later enjoying the big view I wrote about above.....

....the forecast high for Monday was 82° F, but I'm pretty sure it was closer to 86° F, so I spent most of the afternoon sitting outside napping and enjoying the almost indescribable solitude.  Sundown here comes around 4:15 pm.....much earlier here than down at Ocotillo Wells due to the close proximity of mountains to the west of us.  Usually we are here in January, or February when the sun is setting closer to 5, or 5:30 pm, and enjoy our sunset fire after dinner.......

Dinner alfresco just after sunset....

.....we transitioned from the dinner table to our 'sunset fire' about 5 pm with only t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.  We sat talking, and sipping wine until almost 6:30 pm....

....TLE and I have our best conversations around a campfire.  In fact, when we were planning our full time RVing life we would sit in the backyard of our sticks and bricks home two, or three times a week discussing what our life would look like after retirement.  That we are finishing our 11th year living in our Newell, and 10th year as 'vagabonders supreme' just blows me away.  We feel blessed every day to be living the life we talked and dreamed about all those many years ago, and living here, off the grid, for a month of Sundays is the ultimate fulfillment of those talks and dreams.  It's not often your life turns out almost exactly as you envisioned it, right?

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*SRRVC - Seal Rocks RV Cove

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