Tuesday, June 28, 2022

A shady deal......

 8:16 am - Tuesday - June 28th - Likely, CA - 71° F, 20% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the south by southwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 88° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were having breakfast alfresco while watching a World Cup match between Brazil and Chile in South Lake Tahoe, CA.......↴

On our off days I like to sit outside on the 'lido deck' drinking coffee, and welcoming in the new day, but as of late the sun has been intruding into my sitting space.  TLE made a corner piece years ago to supplement our sun screen to provide just a little more shade in these circumstances.....

.....that little added shade makes all the difference, especially now that summer has actually arrived.  When it was cold I did not mind sitting in the direct sunlight, but at 4,500' elevation the sun can get quite intense in the summer, as TLE can attest.  Once we had the corner piece installed I decided to put up the sun screen for the trailer entrance for the first time in years.  The sun comes in that door most of the day, and really makes it hotter in the trailer than I like.  I haven't had this awning up since 2015 in South Lake Tahoe.......

......I had to move some snaps, and find the rope lines, then set the poles in place, which took a while, and by the time we finished TLE and I were both ready for the A/C cooled Newell interior.

We decided to head over to the  Clubhouse around 11:30 am to have a putting contest, then have lunch on the veranda.  The special of the day was a French Dip, and being a big fan of the French Dip I ordered that, while TLE ordered a Chef salad.  That was pretty much the highlight of our day as it got up to 94° F, so outdoor activities were pretty much out of the question.  There is a slight cooling trend over the next 7 days, and we will see temps in the 70's on Sunday and Monday (4th of July).

There is a new TV series coming out on July 1st called 'The Terminal List' based on a series of books by Jack Carr (former Navy SEAL) by the same title. I've been reading those books since they first came out a few years ago, and just finished the 5th book in the series Monday night.  These books are real page turners, and I'm hoping the series will capture the spirit of those books.  If you're looking for some good summer reading, and like action/adventure, you will like these books a lot.  My daughter Meredith turned me on to the books several years ago, and I cannot wait for book #6!

Since we had a big lunch, TLE just sliced up some of the 3rd top sirloin we grilled Sunday night as a snack, and that seemed to suffice.  We both are continuing to maintain our weight loss, and both have leveled out....I've lost 32 pounds since January 31st, and that seems to be a good weight for me, especially since I can maintain it.  I still eat pretty much what I want to eat, just less of it.  We don't eat breakfast, and have only one big meal per day, followed by, or preceded by, a smaller meal.  Sometimes the small meal, especially on work days, is lunch, but on the days we are off we usually have a bigger lunch, then a smaller dinner, and only eat between 12 pm and 8 pm.  On top of that, my newer 32" waist shorts are starting to slip off my hips, so I'm still losing inches.

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