Thursday, June 30, 2022

Day tripping.....

9:47 am - Thursday - June 30th - Likely, CA - 74° F, humidity 21% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the west by southwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 87° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting 'Little Big Horn'  (Custer's last stand) in Montana......↴ 

Susanville, about 88 miles from LPG&RVR, has a Walmart, and TLE wanted to drive down to do a big shopping there this time to get things she only gets at Walmart.  On top of that the new 'Top Gun' was playing at a local theater, there was a very nice Goodwill, and there appeared to be a good Mexican Restaurant in town, so why not take a day trip, right?  We chose Wednesday (our 3rd day of our weekend) to drive south to spend the day in Susanville.  We left around 10 am, and after a very uneventful 1 hour and 20 minute drive we arrived at the local Goodwill where we did some 'junking' for about an hour before heading over to the Walmart to do our shopping.  The Goodwill is one of the nicer ones at which we have shopped, and we both found a couple of things without which we could not live.  

That is where the wheels came off our plans.  The Walmart was not a 'Super Walmart', and was quite small, not very well stocked, and had NO produce section.  After spending 20, or 30 minutes wandering around looking for things not in stock we finally checked out with just a few dry goods items.  So our plans to do a major shopping were scuttled.

Next we turned our attention to our lunch plans, but, for some reason, the Mexican restaurant we had our sights set on was closed.....doh!  TLE found a local casino advertising an onsite micro brewery, so we quickly shifted gears and headed over to the casino (Diamond Mountain Casino) about 3 miles distant, arriving there 5 minutes later.  Upon entering the casino we found they had discontinued the brewing operation a while back (during COVID), but they had a nice 'pub' on site with some local draft brews.  There were no alfresco options, and the non-smoking section was separate from the 'pub', and had no atmosphere....double doh!  Oh well, it was now 12:30 pm, and we were getting hungry.....the food did get good reviews, so I ordered their Bacon Bleu Burger, and TLE their BBQ sandwich....the reviews were correct.  The burger and fries were top notch, and TLE loved her BBQ, so lunch was not a total

We had planned to be at Walmart for a lot longer than we were, but after aborting our big shopping mission, and heading to lunch it was only 1:30 pm, and we still had an hour until the movie began. With not really much else to do to kill an hour (we're not gamblers, so that was out), so we decided to head for home.  If we had found a pleasant way to kill the hour we would not have started for home until after 4:30 pm meaning we would not be home until 6 pm.  As it turned out we arrived home about 20 minutes after the movie would have begun, and are happy we headed for home when we did.

The balance of the day was spent napping, and then sitting outside as the evening descended upon LPG&RVR.  There were martinis, and a cigar thrown in for good measure....a nice way to end another day as June slides into July.

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