Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I love rural America!

7:29 am - Wednesday - June 29th - Likely, CA - 55° F, humidity 35%, wind 2 mph out of the north....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 86° F.....the heat in the air from the past few days is gone, and it is quite chilly this morning....YAY!  On this date in 2013 we were in Sheridan, WY with Newell friends Tom, Darlene, Forest and Cindy, on our way to Alberta, Canada......↴

Left to right: Cindy, Forest, Tom, Darlene, TLE

Three Newell caravan

Even though the high temp dipped below 90 for the first time in a few days Tuesday you could still feel the heat in the air from the three previous felt warmer than the forecast 88° F high.  Before it got too warm I got out my Haibike SDURO and rode the LPG&RVR perimeter road around the golf course.......

....I covered 3.76 miles in just under 23 minutes averaging 9.9 mph with 229' of elevation gain.  Once again I was able to do the entire ride in assist level #1.

We needed to make a run into Alturas to run several errands, including a stop at the local DMV to get the renewal tags for the VW Beetle.  I paid for the renewal registration, and tags online over a month ago, but they never arrived at the P. O. Box down in SoCal.  There are many things about rural America which I love, and one of those is going to the DMV....there is never a line, or a wait.  You just walk up to the window and get your business done.  In SoCal you must make an appointment a week, or so in advance, and then wait in line for an hour, or two before you get to that 'window'.  We had our tags, and were out the door within 10 minutes.

While we were in town we picked up a few grocery items at Grocery Outlet, some bicycle tubes, and JB Weld at Ace Hardware, then Rite Aide for some padded back rests for our Adirondack chairs, and then Rubio's for some of their amazing Street Tacos.....

......the only chair pads they had at Rite Aide were fortuitous was that?  Anyway, we got our Street Tacos 'to go', and headed to the local park to eat them at one of the picnic tables in the shade.....YUM!!!

After one final stop at the Likely Post Office to pick up my new Paper White Kindle we were home and into the A/C cooled interior of the Newell by 2 pm.   My original Kindle is 11 years old now, and now longer being supported by Amazon after August, so it was time to upgrade....

....the reading screen (6") is the same size at the old one, but the Kindle has a smaller footprint.   While the old Kindle battery would last a few days, this new Kindle battery will go for weeks, plus has a touch screen, and I'm able to surf the net on it, if I wish.

Another thing I love about rural America is that all the stores in Modoc County are fully stocked....there is no panic buying, no bare shelves anywhere, and the variety of products available is what one would want, and expect.  Whatever you need can be bought, and the prices are not too bad.

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