Sunday, June 12, 2022


 9:00 am - Sunday - June 12th - Likely, CA - 59° F, humidity 72% (lol....rainy cats and dogs.....must be higher than that?), wind 11 mph out of the southwest......heavy overcast with rain today, and a forecast high of 60° F.....20° lower than yesterday.  Our view this morning......↴

.....and on this date in 2018 TLE and I were sampling a 'flight' of brews at Atlantic Brewing Company in Bar Harbor, ME.....

Saturday the annual Likely Volunteer FD Golf Tournament was held at LPG&RVR.  I had not planned on playing the event, but Mike (course Marshall) talked me into joining the festivities on Friday, and I am glad he did.  It is a 'Scramble', or 'Best Ball' as I have called it over the years.  Each foursome tees off, and then they use the best drive of the four to take the second shots, so so forth.  The ball nearest the hole is where the putt is taken.  I was assigned to a threesome, which needed a fourth partners in the foursome were Steve, Diane, and Greg.....

Steve (the best golfer in our foursome) teeing off at the 10th hole wearing the fire hat.

Steve and Greg hamming it fire hat was really heavy!

Diane teeing off at the 12th hole using the fire ladder...I actually had one of my better drives on this!

Diane getting ready to tee off at the 16th

.....on three of the 18 holes there were special requirements which must be met by each foursome for your final score to count......on the first hole we had to use a fire axe to make our first putt, on the 10th hole we each had to wear a heavy fire hat to tee off, and on hole 12 we had to stand in between the rungs of a fire ladder to tee off.  Each person in the foursome had to have one of their drives used on the front 9, and one on the back 9.  My drive at the 16th hole (par 3, elevated green) landed 12 feet from the hole....the closest in the group, and I sank the 12 footer for first official birdie here at LPG&RVR!  

Since we began our round on the 2nd hole, the 1st hole was our '18th'.  We began around 10 am and finished around 2:40 pm.  Our group score was 65 (7 under par) , and most of the credit for that great score belongs to Steve who at 75 is still an excellent golfer.  I had the privilege of sinking 3 birdie putts, including my own drive on the 16th, over the course of 18 holes, and Diane had 2 birdies. We had a great time, and laughed a lot, all contributed to our success, and I actually played 18 holes in one day without getting a sore back.  In all there were over 50 golfers who participated at $60 a head, so over $3,000 was raised for LVFD (Likely Volunteer Fire Department).

Fortunately the weather was wonderful, if not a tad windy at times, but the wind kept mosquitoes at bay.  Sometimes we were hitting into the wind, and other times we had the wind at our longest drive of the day was on 18th hole with the wind at my back.  Overall, I was pleased with my game Saturday, and encouraged at the improvement in my short game...I'm actually beginning to get the feel of my short irons.  I hit a 9 iron from about 93 yards out on the 18th (we used Steve's drive), which landed 10 feet from the hole, and once again I was privileged with sinking the birdie putt.

Whilst I was playing golf TLE drove into Alturas for our weekly shopping foray, did a few loads of wash, and vacuumed out the coach.  When I arrived home she was relaxing in her recliner enjoying a good book.

We have now been at LPG&RVR for 2 does not seem like it has been that fact we feel sad there are only 4 months left in our  Also, I hit a new weight milestone this week.....181.....I'm now down 32 pounds since January 31st.  While the pounds are coming off much more slowly now, I am keeping off the weight, which is the point of all of this.  I rarely, if ever, think about having breakfast.  My body has adjusted to just two meals a day.....lunch (sometimes I have breakfast for dinner) and dinner.  I still eat all the foods I like, just smaller quantities.  I feel the best I have felt in years, have good energy levels, and TLE reports the same for her.  She continues to sleep very well, and has no acid reflux whatsoever.  She also reports I have not snored in weeks.

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