Saturday, November 12, 2022

A customer!

 6:42 am - Saturday - November 12th - Niland, CA - 46° F, 49% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the east by southeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 69° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I drove over to June Lake from Mammoth Lakes to have dinner at one of our favorite Eastern Sierra eateries.....the Carson Peak of the top 5 Filet Mignons ever....I first ate here in the Fall of 1962 when on vacation with my parents, and have returned many times over the years......↴

......the view this morning......

We were at work by 8 am, and by 10:30 am we had rented one of the 4 seat RZR's (I've been misspelling it previously) for 6 hours.  I spent time changing out the air filters in the Kawasakis as the new ones finally arrived via UPS.  I spent time wiping down two of the 4 seaters (it rained the other night, and because of the dust that is always present, they looked terrible.  I had already wiped the others down on Thursday.  Additionally, we finally got the Otter cases for the GPS tablets, so TLE and I installed them, and then put one of them in the tablet holder on the dashboard of one of the RZR's......fits perfectly.....much, much better.  Before we installed the Otter cases the tablets would sit askew in the they stay put......

....we both fielded a number of in person inquiries by weekend customers about renting on Saturday and Sunday, so we hope they will return and actually rent.  We also spent time on the phone with Bob and Casey going over the operation, and talking about replacing the rear tires on one of the 4 seat RZR's....I'll do that on Saturday.

As it turned out, we had no other customers Friday, and since our 6 hour rental was not due to return until after 4:30 pm we closed the office at 1 pm.  If there had been any rentals going out at 1 pm (our latest rental time slot) we would have stayed open for the rest of the day, but no point in sitting around doing nothing, and no point in charging Bob and Casey for doing nothing, either.  By the way, Bob and Casey are just fine with that.  Additionally, if anyone needs rescuing they call the main number, and then Bob and Casey will call us....we remain on site, so I can be in the Mule, and on my way to rescue anyone in minutes.  If anyone comes by after 1 pm they are directed to call the reservation line (phone number on the door), or go directly to the website to reserve a unit.

I piddled around in the trailer for an hour, or so going through the wall cabinet removing some things for which I no longer had any use, and reorganizing it so I could find things more easily.  Often I get in a hurry, and just cram stuff in there thinking I'll straighten it up later, and I never do until it gets so bad I have to do something about it.

TLE and I returned to the office around 4 pm, in case our customer returned early, and they finally returned around 4:45 pm with the 4 seat RZR intact.  After bidding them adieu I put the RZR away....I'll wash it Saturday morning when there is more I was doing that I noticed that we were getting a nice sunset worthy of being memorialized, so I did so..... kind of evolved over 20 minutes, or so.....beautiful!

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