Thursday, November 24, 2022

Our Borrego.....

 6:35 am - Thanksgiving - November 24th - GNHS - 61° F, 27% humidity, wind 12 mph out of the north.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 74° F.  We have a mild Santa Ana condition today.  On this date in 2016 we were celebrating Thanksgiving with family, in-laws, and friends at the home of Tim (son) and Laila.......↴

At last, a day off work!  I'm just kidding.....well, sort of.....when you are retired, but finding yourself working 5, or 6 days in a row it kind of takes the edge off retirement...a little.  At any rate, TLE and I had plans to drive around the north end of the Salton Sea to the side directly opposite from GNHS.....Salton City, and Ocotillo Wells where our kids, relatives, and friends will be gathering for their annual Thanksgiving extravaganza. 

After bidding farewell to Bob (owner of COA)who was heading back to Durango, TLE and I hopped into the Beetle to begin the 80 mile drive to Borrego Springs, and then back down the hill early afternoon to spend a few hours with Chris and Rochelle who always are the first to arrive, and choose the site for this annual event.  We left around 9:50 am and arrived in Borrego Springs around 11:20 am.  We were happy to see that Borrego Springs was much busier than last year when there were still lockdowns ongoing, and a lot of mask wearing in San Diego County.  The town seems to be thriving, which makes us happy.  Our first stop, of course, was at the Frugal Coyote Thrift of our favorites.  I do not think I have ever shopped there without finding something without which life would not be possible, and Wednesday was no different.....

.....the one thing I hate about 'usies' is if there is a sign in the background it is always backwards, and people taking selfies in their car look like they are driving from the right seat, and not the left.

With our new treasures in hand we next headed directly across the street to Los Jilbertos, which is one of our favorite taquerias....right up there with Rubio's in Alturas, CA.  We both ordered two tacos (carne asada for moi, and pulled chicken for TLE).....the food has been so consistent over the years we have been frequenting this eatery....I'm still thinking about those tacos as I write.....

Some of the best tacos ever!

I don't now what happened in this picture....we both seem!

.....we got a text from Chris (son) and Rochelle (TAR....The Amazing Rochelle) around 12:30 that they had arrived, so we finished up our lunch and headed back down the hill to Ocotillo Wells.

Chris' brother-in-law, Michael Jackson, on a downhill run in their 4 seater CanAm

....we arrived there around 1 pm, and were able to spend 3 hours with them until it was time to begin our one hour drive back to GNHS.  I love being able to spend time alone with them, because once the rest of the family arrives it becomes organized  It is the same with our other kids, too....we love to visit them individually when we are in town so we can have real, complete conversations.  I love the organized chaos that inevitably results when all the Hockwalds get together, but individual time is so precious to us.  Sundown is around 4:30 pm right now, and we wanted to be sure we could find our way back to the main road from their remote boondock site.....


Mom and Dad and Chris, our first born

And, of course, the requisite 'usie', which Rochelle insists upon every time we are together the way Rochelle (TAR) is one of my most faithful, and loyal bog readers, and when I don't post on a daily basis, like happened this past summer, she gets concerned, and disappointed.  She always know exactly what is going on in our lives because of that, but sometimes it is a little disappointing, because it is impossible to share news about us with her that she has not already read the day

We had a nice, uneventful 1 hour drive home, arriving around 5 pm.....just before it got completely dark.

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