Saturday, November 19, 2022

Zip, nada, zero......

6:58 am - Saturday - November 19th - GNHS - 55° F, 29% humidity, wind 13 mph out of the north.....the Santa Anas have returned......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 71° F.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were enjoying our 8th consecutive sunset at Rincon Parkway (north of Ventura, CA)......↴

As suspected Friday was not busy rental, nada, zero..... and as I drove around the park I could see why.....there were very few RV's in the park.  On a more positive note we do have two confirmed rentals for Saturday and Sunday  (one each day) so far, and we expect some 'walk ups' based on inquires by folks in the park.  As the day wound down, however, we witnessed a stream of RV's coming into the park after dark, so who knows what the weekend holds in store for us?

I did perform some additional maintenance on #10 (Kawasaki 2 seater) by opening up the clutch housing, and blowing out the dust, and changed the batteries in its GPS tracker.  I think I've mentioned this before, but each UTV has a tracker which enables us to keep track of each unit wherever it may be.  This comes in handy when one breaks down, and we have to find it to fix it.  I now have the tracking program on my phone to aid me when I am out on a rescue.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am not looking forward to utilizing that capability, but if the need should arise, it will make the rescue a tad easier than looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.  I also  put a couple of the 'Rent Me' banners on #10 Kawasaki I had just serviced, and drove around the park attempting to stir up interest, and it worked.  Within minutes of me returning to the office a few people walked up to inquire about rentals for the!

The last time we bought new sewer hoses I bought an extra 10' section to hold in reserve.  The last time I had a hose fail was in September, or October of 2019 at Ramona Oaks RV Resort.  I went out to dump the black tank and the hose began to leak black water like a sieve......not fun!  Well, that happened again Friday.  Thankfully, I still had that extra 10' section, so it was easy to change it out, and finish the job.  There was a little hazmat clean up afterwards, to be sure, and a lot of scrubbing of hands with soap, plus a long shower thrown in for good measure.

The Santa Anas began to return around 9 pm, but well after we had finished our outdoor activities on the 'lido deck' (a game of 'Phase 10', which was won by moi).  We watched another recorded Hallmark Christmas movie before heading off to dreamland to the sounds of the Santa Ana winds buffeting the Newell.

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