Monday, November 14, 2022

The middle of nowhere.......

7:31 am - Monday - November 14th - GNHS - 50° F, 49% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the southeast....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 71° F.  On this date in 2013 we awoke near Lone Pine, CA with a view of the morning sun hitting Mt. Whitney.....a few hours later we would return home to see our kids in SoCal for the first time in 21 months after beginning our fulltime adventure February 1, 2012.....↴ 

You never know what a Sunday in the UTV rental business will bring.  Last Sunday we had two rentals, but this Sunday we had none, and frankly, I was a little glad for that as there were a number of tasks I had set on the back burner to do when there was time.  TLE needed a shelf in the office to stack the GPS tablets upon, I needed to screw in a 2 x 4 behind the Starlink router so it would not fall off its precarious perch, and she needed the power strips mounted differently upon the wall next to her desk as the way I had quickly installed them initially resulted in an unsightly mess of charging cords (for the tablets) and power cords (for the printer, and computers)....

I had a nice piece of hard wood, and a couple of brackets laying around (the brackets for about 10 years) turned out nicely.

You should have seen it before I redid it....I know there are a lot of cords there, but it is all low voltage stuff.

Now the Starlink router will not fall in between the front 2 x 4 and the wall, like it has done once already

......while I worked on those three tasks TLE, using my recently purchased CLR, cleaned the water spots off of the small wind deflectors on each of the UTV's, and they now look a lot better!

A number of people came by during the four hours we were open to inquire about future rentals, but there were no UTV's rented this day.  We were off by 1 pm, changed clothes, and headed over to Bombay Beach to have a late lunch at the Ski Inn (4.5 stars on 171 reviews).  A number of the locals had recommended we eat there, and it is only 6 miles from GNHS, so why not give it a shot?

We arrived a little after 2:00 pm, both ordered their Beef Dip (with onion rings), then headed out to their very large alfresco dining about funky!.....

....we both ordered draft brews....for moi a Modelo Negra, and TLE a Mango something, which she really loved.  Just based on the over the top funky ambiance we would award 5 stars, but the food definitely lived up to the ambiance, so we gave them a well deserved 5 star review....not bad for an eatery literally in the middle of nowhere.  So, we've eaten out twice here in the middle of no where and been quite surprised both times by the quality of the food.  And, speaking of middle of nowhere, who would expect to get blazing fast 5G cell coverage there?.....

After enjoying a leisurely lunch punctuated with great conversation we headed out to take a short tour of Bombay Beach.  Not at all surprising to us the funkiness continued.....

......there are a myriad of funky metal sculptures all around town....everyone seems to support, and participate in the funkiness that is Bombay Beach.

We were back home around 3:15 pm, and as one might expect after each of us downing two pints, I took a long nap.....and as one might not expect, TLE also took a longish nap, longish for her,

Thanks for stopping by!

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