Sunday, November 27, 2022


 7:13 am - Sunday - November 27th - GNHS - 47° F, humidity 44%, wind 2 mph out of the south by southwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 71° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were at Heroes Restaurant and Brewery....yup, that glass was full when I started....close to 30 ounces of↴

Sometimes being an employed nomad during the winter has its disadvantages, and one of those is your job sometimes interferes with being with family.  We have rarely worked winter jobs in our over 10.5 years of vagabonding for this reason.  When we last worked at Amazon in 2018 during their 'Peak Season' in Campbellsville, KY we missed Thanksgiving with our kids, but we did fly home for a whirlwind Christmas from Nashville, TN.  When your winter job is at a hot springs resort your busiest days are most every weekend, and specifically holidays.  We knew that going into this job, but had hopes it would work out, but once again, Saturday, it did not.  

We had no advance bookings for Saturday, so we opened the office at 9 am kind of hoping there would be no 'walk ups', and we got all the way to 11:30 am without any, but just after 11:30 am we did, and that put the kibosh on our plans to drive over to Ocotillo Wells to spend the afternoon with our kids.  We ended up renting a 4 seat RZR to two ladies, and their sister for four hours beginning at 12:30 pm. 

After they departed on their 4 hour tour I headed down to the GNHS shop/storage area to put two tires on the rear of the VW sand rail.  The one tire I worked to reseat the bead was a lost cause, but there were two 'paddle' tires (for use in sand) there I was told I could use in lieu of the other rear tires, so I mounted them, and then re-inflated the front tires.  With four inflated tires she looks pretty good now.....

Looks cool, right?

The 'paddle tires'

It has an electric fan, and Fox air shocks in the rear

.....on Sunday TLE and I will tow the sand rail up it to our trailer so I can work on bringing her back to life.  I'll check the oil, clean the points, see if the twin carburetors need to be cleaned, check the spark plugs, and see if the engine is locked up, or if it still moves. I already know the 4 wheel disc brakes are not locked up as I was able to roll it backwards a few feet, and the transmission shifts through all the gears.

While I was doing that Kyle was finishing up the repairs on the #2 RZR 4 seater left front suspension.  He let me know he would need my help when it came time to bleed the brakes (the brake line was severed in the accident, and the RZR lost ALL of its brake fluid).  I got the call around 3:30 pm, and headed down to help him.  After getting the air bled out of the system, we took it for a short ride so see how the repairs worked, and found that it tracked perfectly, and handled well at high speeds......

All fixed, and put back together

......the repairs ended up costing around $2, first we thought the rack and pinon steering column was bent, but it wasn't.  That was the most expensive part, so not having to replace it really brought down the cost.  With the $2,000 in loss of use, plus the repairs it comes to just over $4,000....much better than it could have been. 

Once that was done Kyle set about replacing all four tires on the blue Kawasaki KRX 2 seater.....we haven't been able to rent it out yet as the tires needed replacing.  He got that done in about an hour, so now we have all 7 units ready for rental for the first time..... TLE and I were driving down to the shop to retrieve the KRX we caught this beautiful sunset afterglow that stretched across the the big views here......

.....TLE and I played 6 games of Yahtzee to end our day, and as we were heading inside for the night I took this picture of the 'lido deck' is a really nice outdoor living space, and it makes us very happy....

......thanks for stopping by!

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