Sunday, November 20, 2022

There is always a first......

 7:05 am - Sunday - November 20th - GNHS - 52° F, 35% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the north.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 73° F.  In November of 1978 TLE and I took our first extended motorhome trip (3 weeks) in a 1978 Toyota Odyssey.....our son Chris was just 6 years old at the time, and our daughter Meredith was 1 month old.....we only had two children at the time.......↴ 

The Santa Ana winds returned during the night, and it was a tad chilly Saturday morning.  We had just one 1/2 day rental for one of the Polaris RZR 4 seaters beginning at 12 pm, so I spent a few hours doing small maintenance things on the other 5.....things like replacing missing screws, bolts, using the CLR to remove some more water spots from the ATV mirrors, and wind screens, etc.  I stayed busy until around 12 pm, when our lone customers of the day departed on their  1/2 day  adventure...... 

....shortly after they left TLE and I retired to the Newell for a few hours until the rental would return, and I would wash, and detail the returned RZR.  There were a few NCAA college football games watched, and there were a few nail biters in which #3 Michigan kicked a last second field goal to come from behind and keep their unbeaten record intact, and #4 TCU came from behind to win by, also, kicking a last second field goal to win by 1, and remain unbeaten.  All of the top four teams won their games, but #5 Tennessee lost in a landslide to an unranked team (South Carolina).  My #7 USC Trojans held on to win 48-45 over #12 UCLA in their annual cross town rivalry, so with Tennessee's loss they may move up to #6 with two games left to play.  LSU, who is #6 right now will probably move to #5 with their win Saturday.

Our 1/2 day rental returned after just 2 hours, but they have the same unit rented on Sunday, and will be out for 6 hours (transferring the 2 hours left on Saturday's rental).  It got a little windy out on the trail Saturday afternoon, and the wind is supposed to be gone by mid morning Sunday.

We had a nice sunset, which I was able to memorialize....

.....the sun is so low in the sky now I have to walk quite a ways to get a picture of it setting.....looking back at our nomadic compound....

.....oh, and by the way, we now have two confirmed rentals for Sunday, and 3 on Tuesday!

On the Starlink front, it continues to work flawlessly, even with the tree in the back of our site providing a few minor obstructions as the satellites pass overhead.  With the WiFi extender set up in the trailer I can get WiFi all the way out to the area were the ATV's are parked!  One of our top acquisitions since we went full time.

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