Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Christmas is in the air......

 7:02 am - Wednesday - November 29th - GNHS - 51° F, humidity 79%, wind 4 mph out of the east by northeast......cloudy today with a forecast high of 69° F, and NO wind.  On this date in 2021 TLE and I arrived at our favorite Anza Borrego Desert boondock site....spent almost two months there......↴

....many days were spent reading and lounging outdoors!

Tuesday I began the long process of sifting through stuff in the trailer, and creating keep, and discard piles.  No doubt some things which made it to the 'keep' pile, will get a second look, and may end up in the 'discard' pile.  At least I hope so, because the discard pile is not nearly big enough yet to make any difference.  

Before all that fun began I headed down to the hot pools to get in a soak before I began sorting through the trailer stuff.....

.....I had the place all to myself.  I even swam a couple of laps in the actual swimming pool to cool down before the two minute walk home.

Next up was the deployment of a few 'wall hanger' Christmas decorations, some of which were recently purchased at Walmart......

On the passenger side of the trailer

On the back of the trailer

.....most of my time was spent running electrical cords to power the three wall hanger displays.  I like how the front door came out.  Last year we only had the bells, but have added a kind of wreath in the middle.  Combined with the Xmas lights I have already deployed it is beginning to look like Christmas is on the way.  We still have to deploy our 3' Christmas tree somewhere within the 'lido deck' area, and that will probably happen Wednesday, or Thursday.

I stayed busy with the Christmas decorations for most of the afternoon, and soon it was 4 pm, and time to retire to the 'viewing deck' to watch the Chocolate Mountains get lit by the setting sun to the west.......

....that was followed by dinner, which consisted of a 'winter soup' TLE had lovingly been preparing over the course of the day (potatoes, celery, onions with a chicken broth and heavy cream base with croutons on top)....that soup blew off my  Next up was game night at the 'dining/gaming deck'.  Backgammon was the featured game, and although all five games were decided right at the end, TLE prevailed in four of the five games.....her smile betrays her pleasure at besting me....the dice favored her this night.....

....around 6:40 pm we had a moon was supposed to be a full moon, but I'm not quite sure it is there yet......

Cresting the Chocolate Mountains

Doesn't look completely full as of yet....maybe Wednesday evening

....and with that another GNHS day was in the books.  Wednesday we'll drive down to Brawley where I intend to play a round of golf at Del Rio Country Club, and then we'll do a small shopping before returning home.

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