Monday, November 27, 2023


7:46 am - Monday - November 27th - GNHS - 52° F, humidity 48%, wind 9 mph out of the north.....windy, blustery, cool, cloudy day today with a forecast high of 70° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were having dinner at Hero's Restaurant and Brewery in Riverside, CA.....I only had one↴

Since last Sunday (November 19th), and I include last Sunday and this Sunday in these numbers, we rented 28 RZRs.  That beat last Thanksgiving week by three times, plus one.  Sunday became another very busy day with two advance bookings, and 4 walkup bookings.  We were kept hopping all day long.  My day began just before 8 am when I headed out to the wash station to finish cleaning the muddy RZR from Saturday.  It took me another 45 minutes to get it presentable for our Sunday customers, so 1 hour and 45 minutes to clean one RZR....that is also a record, and a record I do not wish to break in the near future.  Our day ended around 5:10 pm when we turned off the lights, and locked the office door.  We also worked portions of 7 days in a row (another record....only a couple of hours on two of those days), with the last two days (Saturday and Sunday) being the longest.

Along with the rental fees we charge we also offer tire and belt (drive belt) insurance for $110 per RZR.  The insurance covers you for two flat tires, and one drive belt.  Considering the tires cost $350 each, and the belts around $200 each, that is a pretty good deal if you have to use it.  For the first time this year we had a customer who had TWO flat tires in about 90 minutes, and he had taken the tire insurance, which saved him $700.  Thankfully, that was as exciting as Sunday got.  In all I washed 6 RZRs Sunday, and there are still 2, or 3 to wash, but I'll take care of them Wednesday, or Thursday.  Right now, as is often the case out here the weekend after Thanksgiving, there are zero bookings for next Thursday through Sunday (our work days), so it will probably be Thursday when I get to them.

Other than that the wind continues to blow (three days in row now).  It's not too bad during the day....probably under 15 mph, but at night it gets ferocious.  Although winds are coming out of the northeast, I do not know if they are Santa Anas.  What I do know it is gets extremely irritating to wake up to wind every day.  As I write, we are entering our fourth day of wind.

As I was driving the last RZR to the fuel station Sunday I stopped to snap a couple of pictures of the setting sun.....

....and with that a long rental weekend comes to an end.  Time to hit the hot pools! 

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