Sunday, November 5, 2023

The end of *DST, finally!

7:00 am - Sunday - November 5th - GNHS - 54° F, humidity 49%, wind 4 mph out of the southeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 88° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were courtesy parked in front of my brother's home in South Jordan, UT....we awoke to snow sticking to the ground and our 2002 T-Bird......↴ 

We were on the job Saturday by 8:30 am, which was also the last day of DST*.  From now one we'll be waking up to sunlight, instead of darkness.  We had just two rentals scheduled for all day rental, and one 4 hour rental.  I looked back to last year on my blog and found out we did not rent our first RZR until November 5th, so we're way ahead of last year, and it isn't even November 5h yet.  Last year we were neophytes to this business, but this year we are seasoned professionals, with very little happening for which we are not prepared, and with the addition of Hunter, and the Polaris tablet based check out/check in system, we are a smooth operating machine.  Because of Hunter's presence TLE and I are able to put in fewer hours, and work fewer days, which is an added bonus.

After our all day rental headed out Hunter and I installed the four spare tires he had mounted Friday, and after the 4 hour rental departed at 10 am we installed the rest of the rear view/side view mirrors on the RZRs missing them.  At that point TLE clocked out as there was nothing left for her to do.  Around 11:30 pm Hunter took his lunch break, and then I at 12:30 pm.  By the time I came back on at 1:30 pm it was almost time for the four hour rental to return.  Once they were checked back in I took their 2 seat General over to the wash station to give it its first real wash job of the season.  There were two other RZRs left over from Friday that had not been fueled, or washed so I fueled them, and then washed them thoroughly.  By the time I was finished with them the all day rental was returning, and we were pretty much done for the day.  The all day RZR was, surprisingly, not that dirty so I just used compressed air to clean it.  Once the helmets and goggles were air cleaned, and put away Hunter locked the office, and we bid each other adieu for another day.  As he was getting in the Mule to drive home Hunter turned and said "Clarke, it's good to have two uneventful days in a row!", to which I heartedly agreed.  Uneventful is that for which we strive in the UTV rental business.

After showering I retired with TLE to the 'viewing deck' to celebrate the end of another successful day, and watch the setting sun light up the Chocolate Mountains one more time.  It never gets old.  I managed to get a couple of great sunset pictures....

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*DST = Daylight Savings Time

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