Monday, November 13, 2023

The 'Holy Grail" of the nomadic lifestyle..."The Uneventful".....

 11:47 am - Monday - November 13th - GNHS - 76° F, humidity 25%, wind 5 mph out of the south by southwest.......partially cloudy skies today with a forecast high of 81° F.  Just returned from our overnight 23 hour, trip to Yuma, about our dental visit tomorrow.  On this date in 2015 we had just arrived at Rincon Parkway for a two week stay right on the ocean.....and I mean, RIGHT ON THE OCEAN......↴

Looking out the Newell bedroom windows

Since we transitioned from our sticks and bricks, workaday lives back in February of 2011 to embrace the nomadic way of life we have spent the intervening almost 13 years worshipping at the altar of "the uneventful"...the Holy Grail of the nomadic lifestyle.  So far I can report that our devotion has paid dividends, and we have only experienced the "eventful" a hand full of times over 80,000+ miles of travel, by both VW, and Newell.  Frankly, the "eventful" times have been minor in comparison what some of our friends have endured over that same period of time.  Any time we begin a trip that will hoist us over the 100 mile mark I wonder if this trip will be the one when something goes wrong, and that brings me to our trip to Yuma, AZ Sunday afternoon.  Would the 212 mile round trip be of the preferred "uneventful" kind, or the "eventful" kind?

We woke up a little after 7 am Sunday knowing we did not have to be on the road earlier than 12 pm, so we watched some English Premier Soccer, and then the first half of an NFL game outdoors before getting dressed for our trip....copious amounts of coffee were consumed......

.....the soccer match featured Chelsea vs. Manchester City, and was it ever a 'barn burner'!  The score seesawed back and forth the entire match ending in a tie 4-4.....8 goals in a futbol match is quite a few.

We were dressed, packed, and on the road southward by 12:15 pm, and arrived, WITHOUT INCIDENT, at the Shiloh Inn in Yuma right around 3 pm Arizona time....they are on Mountain Time, so are one hour ahead of GNHS.  We had a dinner date with our good friends Rich and Marnie at Da Boyz Italian Cuisine (4 stars on 517 reviews - Yelp) in old town Yuma at 4:30 pm, so we were able to check into the hotel, and rest before heading out for our dinner date.....Da Boyz is right next store to our favorites Yuma brewery....Prison Hill......

....Rich and Marnie preceded our arrival by a few minutes, and they had chosen the alfresco dining option....perfect!  Their specialty is pizza, but we both had had pizza the previous two nights, so TLE and I chose sandwiches.....Jodi's Signature chicken sandwich for moi, and for TLE their ham and provolone sandwich.  We ordered side salads to start.....

.....there is never a shortage of conversation topics with Rich and Marnie, and we talked non-stop as we ate our delicious, by the way, meals.  By the time we paid the check it was almost 7 pm.  We took a short walk up and down Main Street continuing our conversation, but taking a few pictures in the process.....

The requisite 'usie'

Rich and Marnie like to take foot shots around something interesting on whatever sidewalk we may find ourselves the time we bid our adieus, and 'until next times' it was 7 pm, and time to head back to the hotel.  Rich and Marnie winter in Yuma most every year now, and we are always excited to reconnect with them whenever the opportunity avails itself.  Thank you Rich and Marnie for a great evening of food and conversation!

We were in bed by 10 pm in anticipation of our early (9 am) dental appointments Monday morning in Los Algodones, both hoping for "uneventful" checkups, and teeth cleaning.

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