Thursday, November 9, 2023

The winds of November.....

 6:48 am - Thursday - November 9th - GNHS - 59° F, humidity 31%, wind 25 mph out of the north by northeast.....crystal clear, blue, WINDY skies today with a forecast high of 80° F.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I visited the hot springs south of Bishop, CA called Keough Hot Springs.....↴

.....kind of a funky, off the beaten path kind of place....our kind of place.

The view this morning......

The current Santa Ana wind condition began Wednesday morning, but the winds were not too bad most of the day.  They were bad enough that I took down my flag, closed the umbrellas, and took down the 'sail shades', but not bad enough to take down the dining canopy.  In fact, as the afternoon wore on the winds diminished to the point where there was NO wind at 5 pm, and very little at 10 pm when we went to bed, but they came back with a ferocity overnight, which forced us to take down the canopy this (Thursday) morning, just a few minutes ago.  The weather guessers predict, no doubt, with the help of a 'Magic 8 ball', the winds will begin to diminish around 1 pm.....we hope the 'Magic 8 ball' is

We had plans to do another soak in the hot pool, and take a walk, but the Santa Ana winds had other plans for us.  Instead, we spent most of the day cooped up in the Newell out of the wind.  I would venture out for brief periods of time to putter around in the trailer.  In fact, for the first time since we arrived I got out our Shop Vac and vacuumed the entire floor.

As I have done when confined to the Newell interior due to heat, or wind, I caught up watching the various YouTube channels I follow, while TLE read.  There were at least 2 naps that I recall, and a great pastrami sandwich prepared by the loving hands of TLE for lunch, otherwise we were inside pretty much all day, and it appears that this involuntary confinement will continue throughout Thursday morning.

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