Sunday, November 12, 2023

More than expected.....

7:43 am - Sunday - November 11th - GNHS - 51° F, humidity 33%, wind 3 mph out of the west....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 80° F.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were celebrating another sunset at Rincon Parkway (just north of Ventura, CA)......↴ 

.....a very magical evening.

When we went to bed Friday night we had two bookings for Saturday.  When we awoke we had 4 bookings, and by the time the morning was finished we had sent out 7 RZRs (5 actual RZRs, and two 2 seat Generals).  Whenever we have that much rolling stock out in the field I get nervous.  I'm like a 'cat on a hot tin roof', so to speak, expecting the dreaded phone call at any moment requesting a rescue, or field repair.  And why not?  That was pretty much the case last year.  The more RZRs you rent, the more the probability increases that you will get that call.  Of course, there is the variable which has been added this year.....we are renting NEW equipment, and that, apparently, was the equalizer....every single unit returned intact, and there were no dreaded phone calls.

There was a problem, however.  Before we closed the office Friday night I made sure we had two clean RZRs for our scheduled rentals.  Because there were two additional bookings overnight I had to get busy washing two more RZRs first thing.  The three all days rentals from Friday were filthy, and trying to clean them with compressed air was out of the question, so I just began washing.  As I would deliver one more clean RZR to the staging area I would find out there was another walkup booking, so back I would head to the wash station to clean another RZR.  In all I washed 5 RZRs first thing Saturday morning, and then when Saturday's rentals started to return I began washing those.  In all I washed a total of 8 RZRs before the sun set Saturday, and there are still a few more to wash.  Fortunately, we do not have any bookings for Sunday, and as I type this morning (Sunday) there are still no bookings, but Hunter and I made sure everything that went out Saturday was fueled, just in case we have some walkups Sunday morning.  We have 3 that are clean, and I can wash more if need be, but I do not think that will be an issue, because, as I continue to write the Sunday vacuum has been activated, and the weekenders are heading back to their workaday lives.  Within hours GNHS will be a ghost town once again.  As we get further into the winter season we will be getting more Sunday bookings, but for now 90+% of our bookings are on Friday and Saturday.

After closing down the office I took another of those long, hot showers then retired to the 'fire pit deck' with TLE for Happy Hour drinks, and some suitable music courtesy the Etta James Channel on Pandora.  We were going to have a fire, but it is not quite cool enough in the early evenings to light a fire.  The time is coming, and we are prepared with 5 bundles of our favorite fire wood from Borrego Springs.  

As I was fueling the last RZR I got these pictures of the sunset afterglow....

....and as I was locking up the fuel station I noticed we are down to 1/4 tank of gasoline....time to order another delivery before next weekend....

......we're heading to Yuma, AZ later today (Sunday) for our annual dental appointments in Los Algodones Monday morning.  We'll have an early dinner with Rich and Marnie Aaron for whom we worked at Ramona Oaks RV Resort back in 2019.  That is still one of our most favorite workamping jobs ever.

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