Thursday, August 18, 2016

Change up......

7:59 am - Thursday - And you thought Wednesday was another day off, right?  Not so fast!  Since we are taking off Friday (a normal workday for us) to drive south to Mammoth Mountain so I can play in the mountain bike park on Saturday (normal workday) we switched with a couple of folks to work their Wednesday shift, so off to work it was for us at 3 pm Wednesday.....

Of course, there was more to Wednesday than work, so let's start with the beginning.....we began our day watching a men's semi-final match between Brazil and Honduras which was won handily by Brazil 6-0.  The second match began at noon time so I decided to take a bike ride in between the matches.....the second match would be between Germany and  Nigeria.  Lately I begin my rides not sure of the route I will take and just make it up as I go.....I intended to just ride the Lake Tahoe Blvd/Sawmill bike path, but felt good from the beginning so I added an 'out and back' on the Camp Richardson bike path, plus and 'out and back' on the Myers bike path making my total ride distance come in at 21 miles.  I arrived back at the coach right at 12:30 pm, about 30 minutes into the Germany v. Nigeria match.....Germany was already up 1-0, and the score quickly became 2-0 early in the second half, and that is how the match ended.  So, it will be Brazil vs. Germany in the Gold Medal match on Saturday.

We reported for work just before 3 pm, and decided early on that we would clock out by 11 pm.....the park is down to 50% occupancy, and there have really been no noise issues the past few nights, plus with the park so empty there is not as much to keep us busy all 8 hours.  Another benefit of having less to do is there is time once again for me to fix a few things I have noticed over the past few weeks, but have just not had the time to focus on in our afternoon/evening shift.  One was to fix a split rail fence near the bathrooms in Section F.  

Other than that minor repair the evening was very laid back in every way.  I was finished mopping the office/store/lounge/laundry by 10:30 pm, and then TLE and I finished our bathroom inspection tour just after 11 pm.

Yep, things are beginning to wind down here at TVC, and we are getting the departure dates from our various workampers.....Deb and John will be leaving August 30th, Gordy and Carol are leaving September 9th, and one of our teen workampers left August 16th for another job in Oregon.  

Life is has been, and continues to be a good summer, and we still have 6-8 weeks before we haul anchor and head for SoCal for a few weeks.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Nice that you can take some time to go and play and that things are winding down again.