Wednesday, August 10, 2016


9:01 am - Wednesday - We were in bed Tuesday night by midnight, and up just after 8 am today.  Nights continue to be down to 58 in the bedroom early this morning, but I love it!

I ordered new hydraulic brakes on eBay a week ago and they arrived Monday, so Tuesday I installed them on the Cannondale Bad Boy.  The old brakes were over 14 years old and the rear one just wasn't working properly so I decided to replace everything including the rotors.  The installation took me less than an hour, and now the Bad Boy is ready for a ride around the lake.

We watched some more Olympic coverage, and basically just relaxed most of the day.  I did make a run to the USPS to drop off the box in which my dear Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was enclosed.  Hopefully she will get refurbished and will provide pleasure to someone new.  Meanwhile I am loving my new Galaxy Note 5!  I ordered and received yesterday a protective case for it which also allows me to carry my ID, debit card, some 'business cards, and a little cash.......

......we decided to go see the new 'Bourne' movie aptly titled 'Jason Bourne'.....the last one (Bourne Legacy) was released over 4 years ago.  We chose the 4:30 pm showing at the Heavenly Village Cinema arriving just about 4:20.  We thoroughly enjoyed the current installment of this 'Bourne Identity' franchise.  From there we headed just across the boulevard to McP's Taphouse Grill.....Yelp only gives them 3 stars.  We confined our order to a couple of Milk Stouts each, an order of potato skins, and one of their  'crusties' and were quite happy not only with both our alfresco dining location, but the brews and food.  The service was excellent considering how busy they were at 7 pm.  McP's is located right on the California side of the California/Nevada border......

 McP's Taphouse Grill

Alfresco can literally see two casinos (Harrah's and Harvey's) directly across the street!

Harrrah's and Harvey's reflected in the window

We lingered until close to 8 pm before heading back west along Lake Tahoe Blvd. as the sun set on Lake Tahoe one more time.  

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  1. Hi Clarke…I wondered about your disk brakes. I've currently got old style pad brakes on my Cannondale Synapse and want to upgrade. First question is what do I need to know in order to buy the right parts? Second question…since you got yours on eBay…got a suggestion for a trustworthy vendor. How hard is it to swap them out…any special tools needed, etc. You can either reply here or just email me at if you don't want to clutter up the blog comments with all that technical jazz.