Sunday, August 14, 2016


9:00 am - Sunday - I'm up way, way too early......oh well, I wake up when I wake up.....there are always naps.  We didn't get to bed until after 2 am.....why you might ponder?  Well, read on......

As has been the case this week we did very little Saturday morning/early afternoon except watch the Rio Olympics.  Other than dumping our black tank, which must never be delayed, I was pretty much a slug all day until we headed for our evening shift beginning at 3:30 pm.  I spent my time taking naps and preparing mentally for what I knew would be a long afternoon/evening.  

We had a large retirement party scheduled for Saturday for a CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer, Wayne Tillman, who was retiring after 35 years on the job.  We first met Wayne and his wife Cheryl as customers of TVC in the summer of 2014 and became friends.  Cheryl began planning Wayne's SURPRISE retirement party last summer, and Saturday was the culmination of 14 months of stealth planning.  We pretty much turned over the entire Group Site area, plus our large tent to Cheryl and her entourage for Friday and Saturday.

By the time we clocked in at 3:30 there were close to 250 people in the Group Site, and by 5:30 pm when the festivities began there were over 600.  This is and was the biggest group we have ever had at TVC since I have been working here.  The surprise for Wayne was complete.  They had a sit down dinner (BBQ'd beef and chicken) for all the attendees (judges, state senators, and a lot of California law enforcement).  By 7 pm the party moved to the tent where a DJ provided music for dancing and just general entertainment.  

By 10 pm, the beginning of our normal quiet hour, the party was in full swing and there was no way we were stopping it until it ran its natural course.  They did turn down the volume of the music at my request at 10 pm, and continued to lower the volume until I finally asked them to turn it off at 11:15.  Since there were so many people needing to use the bathroom facilities in the lounge we left it open until 11:30 pm which, of course, put me well behind in doing my nightly janitorial duties.

The party organizers did a wonderful job of putting every back in order in the tent, as well as removing all evidence of their presence......all trash cans emptied, and all trash removed from the tent area.  Of course, since we were so late in shutting down the party I could not really patrol and ask anyone else to quiet down, so that did not begin until close to midnight.  By the time TLE finished with her office tasks and I had quieted the campground down, and mopped out the office/store and lounge, and we had made our final bathroom inspection it was close to 1 am, and now you know the rest of the story.

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