Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'The Trouble with Harry.....'

10:51 am - Tuesday - At last!  I slept in until after 10 am this morning.  It was soooo quiet last night, and that is pretty much what describes Monday.....

The park continued to empty out Monday morning increasing that ghostly feeling I described in yesterday's offering.  We idled about our site most of the day.....I spent some time cleaning dust and grime off the passenger side of the coach, which is fully in the shade of our patio awning.  TLE and I spent some time mapping out our personnel needs for next summer, reviewing resumes and interviewing applicants......we're just about set.

We reported for work once again at 3:30 pm.......I spent my usual half hour policing the grounds around the office/store for litter and then retrieved a golf cart and radio to begin my rounds.  I was semi shocked at how much emptier, indeed, the park looked and wondered what I would do all afternoon/evening to stay busy.  Not that I'm complaining......we've spent the last 7+ weeks going from one task to another wondering how we will possibly get everything done each shift, so this is welcome change.

Near dusk I decided to take a tour of the fire road that runs along the perimeter of TVC along the Upper Truckee River meadow.......

......my friend Harry and I cut this track last summer to reconnect both ends of the fire road.....this middle section through the meadow had been allowed to become overgrown and was not passable again until last June......now it is once again.  Harry and I spent a lot of time working together last summer....he taught me a lot about the intricacies of TVC, and a lot about our electrical systems.  He still lives in the area, and comes over on occasion to help me with one thing, or another.  We have become good friends, and I value his help whenever he is available.

The rest of the evening was pretty routine other than that fact that we clocked out just after 11:30 pm......there was really no point in finishing the shift all the way to midnight as there was nothing else to do.....now for a wonderful off day!

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