Thursday, August 11, 2016

In tandem......

7:57 am - Thursday - As I go to bed earlier (11 pm last night) I get up earlier.....see the trend?  I'm good for about 8+ hours before I wake up.  TLE, on the other hand, is still slumbering peacefully as I compose yet another daily missive.

After piddling around until almost 11 am we hopped on our Cannondale Tandem and rode some 5.5 miles out to one of our favorite breakfast places, Getaway Cafe, for a late breakfast.  I like late breakfasts, because it means I will probably only eat twice that day.....a little better for my waistline.  We rode 'D' Street out to pick up the Lake Tahoe Blvd. bike path over to Sawmill where we continued on the bike path, then picked up the Meyers bike path at US-50 out to the cafe.

We arrived at Getaway around 11:15 and quickly placed our orders.......I, once again, had the Hangover Helper (no hangover for moi, I just like it), and TLE had the Popeye (sauteed spinach, sliced mushrooms and cheese omelette).  

We hung out until after 12:30 pm just enjoying the cool air and the alpine views before climbing back on the Cannondale to make our ride home along US-50.  We arrived back at the coach around 1 pm where we spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching more Olympic coverage before having dinner around 7 pm. Wednesday was the perfect relaxing day before we go back to work.  Just a few more weeks before things quiet down considerably.

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