Tuesday, August 2, 2016


10:13 am, Tuesday - Slept until 9:40 am.....the air feels much cooler this morning.  Had to wear a jacket again last night on my rounds.....a good sign of cooler weather approaching!

Apparently my blog post yesterday got my children wondering about what might be changing in our travel plans and my phone blew up with numerous texts within hours.  So they know what we are thinking about, but I'll hold the details in abeyance for a few more days until all the details are known and set.

Monday was just a sweet day.......we have made the transition from day to night, and are really settling into a good rhythm.  I drove over to Higher Ground Autoworx to settle up my bill with John, and we talked about some things that need to be fixed to bring the Beetle up to snuff, and I will take her back in on August 15th for the work to be done.  John has really become 'our' mechanic......we are so happy we found him two years ago when our water pump failed.  He specializes in VW, Mercedes, Volvo and really knows his stuff, plus we trust him implicitly.  

Once again our shift began at 3 pm, and as is our habit, we reported for work 10 minutes before the hour.  Once I was up to speed on the day's happenings I began my first round of the evening.....we only had one non-departure, which was remedied by extending his stay one more night.  In spite of our efforts the last two evenings to keep things quiet in sites 157 and 158, we got a noise complaint Monday morning about noise from those sites after 2 am......not cool.  With the permission of Victor, I drove over to the sites to talk with the folks whose names were on the reservation advising them that if we had any additional noise complaints from their site I would come one last time to warn them, and if it persisted they would be asked to leave TVC immediately, and if they refused we would call the El Dorado County Sheriff to assist in their removal.  We ended up having a good, respectful conversation and what do you know?  They were in bed a little after 10 pm with no late nigh revelry antics.  

However, we had a a noise complaint in site 104 to which I responded quickly to find loud talking, laughing, and loud music at 10:40 pm......I got them quieted down, and things remained that way the rest of the evening.  For the first time since we took over the night shift there were NO commodes to unclog, and we were able to finish our shift on time at 11:30 pm.

Since it was the last day of our 5 day work week we took a couple of hours to unwind before heading for bed just before 2 am.

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