Friday, August 5, 2016

Thursday.....I'm sorry, it's the best I can do this morning

8:59 am - Friday - Somebody's kid (belonging to the Swedish couple, who arrived LATE last night, just across the street from us in site 428) woke me up this morning a little after 8 am by standing under my open bedroom window and talking to her brother.  So?  So I'm up earlier than I planned.  I know, there are always naps.....:-)

After two days off.....I must add, it always seems like more than two days off  when you don't go to work until 3:30 in the was time to return to the TVC grind Thursday, but first we took a late morning bike ride up to one of our favorite coffee houses, Alpina Cafe, for pastries and coffee.....a croissant breakfast sandwich for TLE, and a jalapeno bagel liberally covered with cream cheese for moi.  

I stopped off at one of my favorite thrift stores (Tahoe Market) and found 6 socket drivers for my Porter-Cable impact driver.....all six cost me a whopping total of $1.00!  From there we stopped off at the new Goodwill, to which I have referred previously, and I found a new pair of Docker's shorts, and a pair of leather flip flops......I had to say goodbye to four pairs of shorts earlier in the morning which had long out lived their usefulness, plus a pair of flip flops I have had since our first year on the road.  I have a hard time saying goodbye to clothing and footwear, and to remove four pairs of my favorite cargo shorts in one fell swoop has still got me feeling a little shaky this morning.   Nevertheless, if something comes into the Newell something has to go out eventually.  

We reported for our shift at 3:24 pm, and within minutes we were deep into the weeds of the day.....nothing too problematic, but there is always something to keep us busy.  There were minor noise issues during the night.  Also, Thursday night is Karaoke night.....we have a DJ come in each week, and he does a good job.  I fell to me this night to make the rounds of the campground announcing Karaoke night on the bullhorn.  It took about 30 minutes, but soon folks were streaming in to test their vocal pipes once again.  Karaoke runs to about 9:30 at which time I began my 'Quiet Hour' rounds to remind a few folks it would be time to quiet down soon.  

I had to pay a visit to site 313 around 10:30 pm as someone had parked their truck in the 'empty' site 315 and a late arrival could not get into their site.  The gentleman informed me the guy across the street had given him permission as he claimed 'the office had blocked that site for him', so he gave site 313 permission to park in 315.....really?  I suggested he seek advice from someone who actually works for TVC in the future about what sites are available and headed back to the office to finish mopping the lounge and office/store floors.  We made our final restroom rounds around 11:30 making sure each restroom was stocked with paper towels and TP, and then clocked out just before midnight.

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