Friday, August 12, 2016

Sunshine, on my shoulder....

9:30 am - Friday - Slept in until 9 today.....was in bed by 1:30 am this up just in time to watch the start of the USA women vs. Sweden in Olympic soccer........we had planned to ride the tandem up to Camp Richardson (California side) to catch the water taxi over to Round Hill (Nevada side) and then ride back to TVC, but TLE awoke with a bad sinus headache so we stayed close to home girding ourselves for another work day beginning at 3:30 pm.

Thursday was the first day in over a week in which the temperature hit 80 degrees once again.  As you might imagine the overnight low temps have been rising again, too, into the high 40's, but the long range forecast call for temps to drop back into the 70's again.

We reported for work precisely at 3:30 pm and slipped quickly into the workflow of the day, which was light.  Our last 'tent meeting' group has departed.....all the 'tent meeting' tents are down and packed away in the semi trailers, and the campground has taken on this slightly empty feeling, although we are still over 85% occupancy.

All in all Thursday was a rather routine day with little to report.  On a side note we are planning to run down to Mammoth Mountain to play in their Mountain Bike Park for a couple of days later this month.......kind of a vacation from our vacation.  Other than that just one sun shinny day after hasn't rained in a long, long time.

From sunny Lake Tahoe......thanks for stopping by!

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