Monday, August 1, 2016

Course change.....

9:36 am - Monday - It doesn't feel like Monday to me, but I guess I will have to accept the empirical evidence of the calendar on the wall before me which says Monday, August 1st, 2016.  Wow, that means we have been traveling full time in our 1982 Newell for four years and six months now, and that we have been living in our Newell for five and one half years!  That also means we have been here at TVC for 3 months now.  It may seem trite for me to say each time we reach a milestone such as today, but it seems like we have always been living like this.  My memories of my former workaday, sticks and bricks life seem so fuzzy in retrospect.  When we embarked upon this nomadic journey we had one married child out of 5, and we had 4 grand children.  In the interim we now have three married children, 6 grand children, a great grand child, and a fourth child engaged to be married in October of 2017.  We have made many new friends over the last 5.5 years that I cannot imagine my life without.  We take life one day at a time, and make every effort to live in the moment.  We are not the same people who embarked somewhat uncertainly on this journey, and that is a good thing.  The journey has taught us a lot about how to live in a home with wheels, it has broadened our horizons, introduced us to a wide cross section of people, ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles to which we would never have been exposed if not for our choice to set out on this journey with a yet unknown destination.  I say often we go where the wind blows.  Just when we think we have settled on a plan miss serendipity comes knocking and the plan changes.  I used to struggle against her whims, but now I embrace them.  I wait expectantly for her occasional 'knock' on the door, and she has never disappointed.  She has knocked on our door once again and within a matter of days we will be changing course in the short term....until then I will leave you in suspense for just a little longer and get on with today's report about Sunday.....

On Sundays we report for duty at 3 pm and are off, God willing and the river don't rise, by 11:30 pm.  I spent the morning and early afternoon watching the final round of the PGA Championship at Baltusrol......Jason Day and Jimmy Walker kept us in suspense right until the end when Jimmy Walker eked out a 1 stroke victory at 14 under par to Jason Day's 13 under par.  I really did nothing else Sunday except watch the PGA.....well, I guess I did get the Windex out and cleaned the front of the fridge, as well as a few mirrors.

We reported to work at 2:56 pm, and were off by 11:44 all standards it was a smooth evening with only a couple of minor bumps.  I made my rounds, found one customer who had not departed and finally bid them adieu a little after 6 pm.  There were a couple of clogged toilets, but I was able to bring them both into submission and restore service.  Had to talk once again with folks in Section G who apparently don't have watches as they continued to talk loudly until well after 10 pm.  We received no calls on the Ranger iPhone after hours, and were able to sleep in until after 9 am this morning.  It was just what a Sunday should be.

The day time high temperature was about 83 degrees, and it cooled off nicely by 5 pm.  We'll have a few more days in the low to mid 80's, then it will dip eventually back into the high 70's.  All in all we have both adjusted, at last, to the warmer temperatures, although we did have to run the AC for about 90 minutes before going to work.  We are both adjusting nicely to our new schedule and are gradually settling into new is good, and that is really what it is all about in the end, no?

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  1. I have followed you and TLE for all of those years and if you are like me you cannot believe that much time has passed. Looking forward to many more years of travel.