Sunday, August 7, 2016


9:09 am - Sunday - It wasn't until around 1 am this morning that I realized I had not published yesterday's missive, even though I had finished composing it.  I guess I'm losing my edge with all this night work, huh?  The inside temp got down to 58 F degrees again, and here I sit composing today's drivel with the heater warming my environment once again.

Saturday morning I downloaded my music from the Verizon Cloud, and it took over two hours to download about 1,100 songs.  Next up will be my 5,400 pictures.....that will have to be done overnight I think.

While the download was progressing we watched the USA women play France in women's soccer.  The USA is ranked #1 coming into the Olympics, while France is ranked #3, so it was thought it would be a great match and it was.  The USA won 1-0 in a very well played game by both teams.  Hope Solo (goalkeeper for USA) made several great saves to record yet another shutout.

We once again reported for our night shift at 3:20 pm to find it a typical Saturday.....busy everywhere.  Once again TVC is at 100% capacity.  Saturday was also the last day of the 'tent meeting' and they began to tear down the numerous tents working well past midnight before calling it quits until Sunday morning.

Saturday is movie night so I helped Morgan set up the audio/visual equipment around 6:30 for the 7:30 showing.  Our movie was 'Frozen', a big favorite with the kids.  All the movies we show are rated 'G'.   I am actually surprised at how many 'G' rated movies there are.

TLE took her 'lunch' break around 7:30 and since there were just two of us (Morgan was taking care of the movie) I took over the office for 30 soon as TLE left the store became jammed with folks buying stuff.....I didn't stop ringing stuff up at the POS machine the entire 30 minutes.

We did have to close the store briefly at 9:30 to run over to the women's restroom in Section E to resupply TP.  I made my 'quiet hour' rounds around 9:40 having to remind a number of groups to begin to use their 'indoor voices', and by 10 pm all was quiet.   From 10:15 to around 11:30 each night I spent time dry and wet mopping out the store/office/lounge, and then TLE and I make our final bathroom rounds having to restock a lot of paper towels and TP.  There were just two clogged toilets which submitted quickly to my toilet plunging charms.

We were home around 12:15 am and relaxing, and in bed by 2 am.....2 am seems to be the magic hour for going to bed....if only I could sleep past 8:30 am!

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