Monday, August 15, 2016


8:36 am - Monday - Again, why so early?  Well, this is my last day of work until Thursday afternoon, and then we are off to Mammoth for two more days off!  The sky is clear, blue and the sun is out.....another typical August South Lake Tahoe day!

Sunday the park emptied out with was as empty as I have seen it since the 4th of July fact, it was soooo quiet it felt eerie.......almost like a 'ghost town'!  No doubt part of this is due to many California schools being back in session already.....there are very few children here right now....other than the wonderful weather, it feels more like May.  Am I complaining?  No......we are enjoying this brief respite from the 85-90% occupancy we have experienced since July 4th.

We were invited by the retirement party folks over to the group site for breakfast Sunday morning, so we walked over about 10 am.  They had their own grills set up to cook scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, etc.  They had a full coffee bar with wonderful coffee, as well a fruit of all types.  These folks go first class!

 Alfresco dining at its best!

We spent about an hour enjoying pleasant conversation, food and weather before heading back to the coach to watch more Rio Olympics coverage.

We reported for duty at precisely 3:30 pm, and once again were struck by how quiet it was.  I usually spend the first half hour sweeping off the front of the office/store, and around the playground, as well as picking up trash before getting a two way radio and a cart to begin my afternoon patrol.

Since things were so slow I spent time talking with some of our long term customers, and answering questions from a number of our short term customers.  A number of folks mentioned they had seen bears wandering through the park the night is a rare evening lately when the bears are not seen foraging for food.  Fortunately they are not very aggressive and usually limit their foraging to our dumpsters.

We actually punched the clock about 11:40 pm, which is early, but due to how quiet the park is we were able to finish our nightly tasks ahead of time.  However, we did receive a call about 12:07 am advising we had some noise coming from a site in Section A.  We responded quickly, quieted the customers down, and were back in our coach by 12:20 am.

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