Saturday, August 13, 2016

Off task.........

9:09 am - Saturday - Clear blue skies greet me once again this morning.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a nice rainstorm just for the change, but then that would mean our tent campers would be miserable, so I'll just try to endure the wonderful, balmy, cloudless weather for a little while longer.

Friday was an odd day here at TVC.....nothing went as expected.....the heavily favored USA women lost their quarter final soccer match to Sweden in most shocking fashion....I am still stunned.  They just never seemed to have any rhythm, and when they ended up tied after 120 minutes (including two 15 minute overtime periods) they failed to execute their 'kicks from the mark' losing to Sweden 4-3.  Just goes to reaffirm that the future is not yet written....anything is possible.

We reported for work at 3:30 pm where things continued to take an odd tack the rest of the evening......I was called out to a site in Section F where a gentleman and his son were riding unlicensed motorized dirt bikes back an forth on the fire road down into the meadow and back raising dust and creating a lot of the attendant noise.  When I approached him he claimed he had permission from Miguel, our head ranger, and from Adam, our maintenance manager, to do so.  I pointed out that there must be a misunderstanding as the rules clearly state in our brochure which says "Motorcycles and mopeds: May only be operated by licensed drivers, and only used to enter, or exit the campground.  ATV's are not allowed to be operated in the park."  I later spoke with Miguel and Adam to find that they had told him exactly the opposite.  I have been a little disheartened to find how often customers will embellish the truth, or just outright tell a fib hoping you won't find out the truth.  I run into this pretty much every single day.

I found out we were showing a movie Friday night in our big tent, but apparently whoever changed the movie night from Saturday to Friday didn't make arrangements to have someone on duty to set things up and actually show the movie, so that task fell to me.  I felt like I was off task all evening.  

Things were extremely busy in the store and I had to go in several times to help run the POS station while TLE and Victor handled people checking into TVC.  We had a lot of late arrivals, and by late I mean after 10 pm.  I'm at a loss how anyone in good conscience can arrive at a crowded campground after 10 pm knowing that their loud, idling diesel pusher will wake folks up, or disturb the peace of those still awake as they attempt to get into a site that would be a difficult task if done in broad daylight.  There were numerous problems with noise Friday night which required me to revisit several sites after 10 pm to get them to quiet down, and several phone calls to the Ranger phone about a bear roaming around.  Nothing we an really do about that, but just give the bear room, and don't corner him/her.  

Everything seemed to take longer than expected and by the time we punched the time clock it was close to 12:30 am.  I was in bed by 1:30 with TLE following a short time later.

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