Tuesday, August 9, 2016

First impressions....

10:37 am - Tuesday - Didn't get to bed until after 2 am even though we were home before midnight.....it was nice to unwind after 5 days working knowing we don't have to be anywhere Tuesday.  I managed to sleep in until almost 10:30 am so I'm off to a good start on my off day.

Nothing much to report about Monday morning.....we both relaxed and watched some more Olympic coverage ending with the women's volleyball team coming from behind to top the upstart team from the Netherlands, then it was off to work.  

We clocked in around 2:50 and were quickly swept into the events of the day.....nothing too dramatic, but it is always hectic the first 90 minutes as we integrate ourselves into the flow of the day.  Even though we only had 35 arrivals scheduled for Monday it seemed they all arrived within that 90 minute window.  The line quickly backed up to the Trolley house and I began sending folks directly to their sites.....within minutes the line was cleared then I settled into just cruising each section looking for problems which were few and far in between....I love Mondays!

Around 6:30 pm as I was checking the ice house to be sure the conveyor belt was stocked I suddenly heard someone crank up the volume on their music.....that I could hear it from a couple hundred yards away meant it was way, way too loud.  I drove over to the site and asked them to turn the music down, and they did so immediately, but I was concerned this could be an issue as we approached 10 pm and 'quiet hour'.  They seemed good natured, and when they invited me back for a beer later I accepted, and told them I would return at 10 pm.....that way I could be sure they quieted down.

Victors, our assistant manager, decided it was time to eliminate all 15 of our 'keyed' Masterlocks, which have been in use for at least 20 years.  He had me remove all the old Masterlocks and replace them with new, heavy duty Masterlocks with four digit number combinations.  All the locks will have the same combination and that will eliminate 3 keys from our large key rings.  I kind of like the idea, but we will see how it works out in the long term.  One thing for sure is there will be no more lost keys for the Masterlocks, which has been a big problem.  Another convenience is the combinations can be easily changed if the need should arise.

The rest of the evening was routine......the campground was unusually quiet when I returned to the site in Section F to find the guys and their families enjoying a game of 'ring toss'.  One of the guys handed me a Coors Lite and then they introduced themselves.....they are all CHP (California Highway Patrol) guys on vacation with their families.  We talked for about 15 minutes......it's easy to misjudge someone unless you get beneath the surface, and I am happy I was wrong in my initial judgement....... they were very cooperative and congenial, and quieted down right at 10 pm.  They insisted TLE and I return Tuesday evening for drinks and I accepted.

The last 90 minutes went quickly as I dry and wet mopped the office/store and lounge.  TLE finished up her reports and we were on our way to check the bathrooms by 11:25.....there were no toilet clogs for me this evening, however, TLE had one in Section E.....we punched the clock by 11:40 and were home by 11:45 pm.

The weather continues to be moderate with daytime temps in the mid 70's with more of the same forecast for the next week.

Time for me to get outside and see what Wednesday has to offer......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Nice that you had no issues with those friendly CHP families and they invited you in for a beer.