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Looking back across the river to site #23

We have decided to spend at least 3 days here.  This Twin Falls County Park is a real find.  As I wrote previously, we came across this park while reviewing possible overnight spots in the Days End Directory.  Most of the locations in this directory are free, but they also highlight inexpensive ones.  Anything for hookups that is under $25 is inexpensive.  At $15 a day for water and electric in a park setting is great.  Also, "a river runs through it"!  This park has miles of walking trails, and the locals take full advantage of them.  We went out for a walk early today before the heat set in and walked about 4 miles.  

We stumbled upon this cool waterfall on our walk.  There is an 18 hole frisby golf course that winds up the canyon.  Frankly, this is one of the harder courses I've seen.

The trail ultimately takes you up to the top of the canyon walls where I snapped this picture of The Lovely Elaine.

The campground is virtually empty, but no doubt it will be teaming with people this Labor Day weekend coming up.

After we took showers we headed into Twin Falls for a few errands, and to look for a laundry.  One errand was to find a good bike shop to buy a few spokes for the tandem.  You will recall we broke another spoke in Vancouver, so I decided to buy several this time in anticipation of the next one going.  Using my Droid I found Spoke and Wheel Bike Shop  located just a few blocks from us and they had exactly what I needed, so I bought 4 at $1.50 each.  We next headed down to the old town area on Main Street to visit a few local thrift shops, and to drop off a few donations....TLE did some "house cleaning" in the kitchen and her book collection.  Of course, she couldn't leave without buying at least one book, right?  We first stopped at Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store where we made the aforesaid donations, and TLE came away with another book, but the big find was a portable stairstepper for $5.35!  I had been looking at one just like this on Amazon.com for $70, so I snapped it up.  Then it was on to St. Vincent DePaul Society where I found an AbRoller for $1.99....wow, two things I've been wanting for under $8.00!  These two items are in near new condition.  And, of course, a few more books were under TLE's arm......hmmm......I thought we were getting ride of books, and ended up adding a few back.

Our prizes!

Prior to leaving our "home" we had turned on the rear A/C so we would return to a cool "home",  and she is still doing her job.....got up to 96 today....I know by Phoenix, AZ standards this is a typical winter day (smile), but these temperatures have been few, and far in between for us since May.....they feel like 120 to us...:D

It has been a nice relaxing day with no trailer emergencies......however, at the advice of a good friend I re-torqued the bolts on the miscreant wheel, and they are still fine.  I will check them every 50 miles or so for the next couple of days of travel to be sure the new lugs are completely seated.  I went ahead and checked the other 3 wheels and found a nut on each that was under torqued, so now they are all in order.

That was our day, and what a fun day it was!

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