Friday, August 31, 2012


Is it Friday already?  Seems like we just shut down the Detroit Diesel a day ago.  We continue to do our daily 4 mile walk.  I sensed a little more humidity in the air this morning, and TLE concurred.  There was a chance of rain today, but it never materialized.

After our walk we cooled down for a while then took showers, and headed into town to do our shopping.  We needed to restock our supplies as we head east into Utah, and Wyoming.  After stops at Costco and Frey Meyers we headed to the Post Office to get some Priority Mail boxes so I could mail off a couple of things I had sold on Ebay.

By the time we arrived home the temperature had climbed into the 90's, but soon a heavy cloud cover came over and dropped temps back into the high 80's.

I got to work boxing up the Ebay items and ran them back over to the Post Office on 2nd Ave.

We had decided to head back to the movie theater to see the Expendables 2.  Of course it was cheesy, but it was fun!  All, and I mean ALL of the bad guys were eliminated.  Claude Van Damm was the BIG BAD guy in this movie.

After the movie we decided to head back to Canyon Crest Restaurant for drinks and some more appetizers, and to watch the sun set.

This is an amazing beer!

The view from the patio of this restaurant is amazing.  This is the biggest sky, out side of Montana, I have ever seen.....WOW!  We chilled for about and hour and a half.  We were the only ones on the patio....everyone else was inside watching the Boise State v. Michigan State game......we would hear occasional cheering from inside the bar area as the home team did something positive.

It was kind of a lazy day.......yes, I know, we did walk 4 miles, that is hardly lazy....but the rest of the day resembled a lazy day.  We have really enjoyed our time here in Twin Falls.  I never would have expected to spend a week in Twin Falls, but that is what serendipity is all about.....when serendipity calls you must answer, and I'm glad we did.

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