Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seaside and Cannon Beach

Thursday we mostly hung out at "home".....I started the arduous task of washing the coach again.....washed the back and front caps, shined up the ALCOA wheels, and washed the Thunderbird.  I'll get to the passenger and drivers sides of the coach tomorrow when it is supposed to be a scorching 81 degrees.....I know, I'm still rubbing it in, but I can't help myself.  

Around 12:30pm I got cleaned up and the Lovely Elaine and I headed into Seaside to sample some local fare at U Street Pub and Eatery, which, of course, included some draft beer....specifically an Alameda Black Bear Stout for Elaine and I along with a French dip sandwich for Elaine and a hot pastrami for myself.  The food and beer were excellent, but the beer was a little pricey at $6.75 per glass.....ouch....especially when you bought 4!

After a very pleasant lunch, and painful tab we headed down to the ocean front area of Seaside and found these interesting views.

 Looking south...

Looking north

This was definitely sweatshirt weather, and I had mine on for a while....must have been around 60 degrees.  I overhead a lady....I'm assuming the wife of the one she called out to.....ask her husband, who was standing on the sand (she was on the promenade still)....."is the water cold?".....her husband replied...."NO.....(pause)'s barely tolerable!"  Hmmm...that sounds cold to me.

We then headed south on HWY 101 to Cannon Beach, an artsy community about 10 miles south.  Cannon Beach was the site of a large portion of the movie "Goonies", which was popular back in the '80's.  We walked around downtown, and ultimately made our way to Bella Espresso for some coffee.   We had coffee at this place about 6 years ago, and the coffee is still good!

Of course, any visit to Cannon Beach must include the requisite pictures of one standing in front of Haystack Rock.

Haystack Rock and moi...

By the time we finished our pleasant walk on the beach it was after 4:30pm and time to head "home".

As Thursdays go, this was a nice one.  Thanks for stopping by!

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