Sunday, August 26, 2012


THE SNAKE - looking west

OK, I made you look.  We were out of Arlington, OR by 9am this it is supposed to get into the 90's at our next destination, only 221 miles away, and we wanted to get there before it got too hot.  We found a nice park right on the SNAKE River called Catfish Junction RV Park, which is located just east of Huntington, OR.  Again, we chose the no reservations route knowing it was the Sunday before the Labor Day Weekend and usually RV parks are not quite as busy on this weekend, and we were right!

Before we talk about how right we were, let's cover what we did today.  Our elevation at Arlington was around 350' above sea level.  We knew we would have to go over Blue Mountains Summit at 4,193' above sea level.  Thankfully, it was a gradual climb over 80 miles to the summit, and the DD (Detroit Diesel) ran around 198 degrees on the entire climb.  Before we steam cleaned the radiator back on Whidbey Island it would have been over 210 degrees, so we are seeing the direct benefit of that cleaning.  

There are apparently several fires burning to the south of I-84 along the route we traveled today, and the smoke from these fires really obscured what would have been spectacular views.  Instead we had a great view of HAZE.  Other than the 80 mile climb, most of the drive was flat, or downhill.  I was able to set the cruise control and just hang on to the steering wheel.

We stopped twice at Rest Stops to take a break and walk around the coach checking tire temperatures.  If any single tire's temperature reads significantly higher than the others the odds are that there is a problem developing with that tire.  All the tires checked out, and there was no coolant on the ground, so all was well each time we stopped, including our final stop of the day.

I-84 appears to follow the route of the Oregon Trail as we saw a number of signs for several Oregon Trail interpretive centers along our route today.

Around 30 miles from our destination we saw a sign informing us we had passed into Mountain Time......whoops.....lost an hour I wasn't expecting today!  Instead of arriving at Catfish Junction at 2pm, we arrived at 3pm.....but no big problem.  The RV park was virtually empty with the exception of 4, or 5 rigs we had the pick of 65' pull through spots.  We settled on #17, got plugged in and turned on the A/C.  It was now 92 degrees, and I don't care how dry it is, that is still much hotter than we have been used to, with a few exceptions, the past 3 months.

 View of the Snake from site #17

 Still looking good after 10,000 miles on this journey

Looking east

After setting up I dialed in DirecTV and settled in to watch the Denver v. 49er game.  Haven't watched an NFL game since the Super Bowl!

Well, that was our day.....thanks for stopping by!!

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