Monday, July 22, 2013

Cardston, AB, Canada

On Sunday’s Cardston shuts down.  Of all the businesses in town there was a Subway, one market, and a bakery open….everything else was closed.  We found out later in the day that Cardston’s population is about 75% Mormon, which explains why no significant business is being conducted.  It’s all good though….it was nice to have a day requiring that nothing much be done.

I was awake by 6:30 am, and decided to get up….there area always naps if needed.  After pouring a cup of coffee I headed outside to start wiping the gunk off the sides of the coach and trailer that had been deposited there by the rain on PH-93 as we headed south from the Icefields.  As I usually do, I checked all the tires, especially the trailer tires, and discovered that the tread on the tire I replaced in Forks, WA way back in July of last year was beginning to separate.  It was when we drove into town to see if the local tire store had our tire in stock that we discovered that pretty much everything was closed.  Since we’ll be here through Tuesday morning I’ll take the wheel over Monday to get a new tire mounted.  The bad news is the tire only lasted 10,000 miles, but good news is that was 12 months of wear.

As I cleaned the rear portion of the coach, and the front of the trailer I had the British Open Golf Tournament on my XM Radio in the trailer so I could follow the action.  It was a very topsy turvy day which saw a number of people in the lead, but when the dust settled Phil Mickelson came from 5 strokes down to win by 3 strokes….a very unlikely result when the day started.  Tiger could just never get it going, and lost 3 strokes to par over the final 18 holes ending up where Phil started the day….2 over par.

After the British Open was finished I spent some time at the RV park office using their very, very good WiFi putting up my daily blog, and doing some insurance work.  Then we went to the one small super market that was open and bought a few items, and then headed home to spend the afternoon outside reading.  It has been a while since we have been able to do that due to the mosquitoes….there is a surprising lack of mosquitoes here in Cardston.   Of course there was a great nap in between reading.

My outdoor office

Around 2 pm Tom and Darlene arrived in their car from Lethbridge where Tom has been fixing his radiator leaks, to visit for a couple of hours and bid us farewell as we will be crossing back into the U.S. Tuesday morning.  They will be heading south in about a week, and heading in a different direction than us.  As always we said our “until next times” knowing we will see them again just after the first of the year when we travel through Mesa, AZ.

After Tom and Darlene left TLE and I went back over to the office to do some trip planning with our computers.  Starting Tuesday for the first time in over a month we will be traveling by ourselves again.  Our written in Jello plan is to spend about 3 weeks exploring Montana, and doing a bunch of dry camping, and boon docking.  First up on the list is to visit Glacier National Park.

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