Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hanging Out Part Two.....

Tuesday was our last full day in Cochrane, and it was splendid!  We received an e-mail from a reader of this blog (Rob and Lyn Bryant) who live in the area in their 5th wheel RV and wanted to drive over and meet us.  We affectionately refer to people who want to meet us as "stalkers" and Rob and Lyn are now officially our third pair of honorary "stalkers".  We agreed via e-mail to meet them here at Bow Rivers Edge where, ironically, they had just been staying within the past 2 weeks before moving on.  Rob and Lyn arrived around 11 am, and we sat in our coach talking non-stop for a couple of hours.  They are both very interesting people and we are glad to count them among our "stalker fan club" members.

Since Tuesday is the last full day both TLE and I had a number of things to do in preparation for rolling our wheels again.  TLE went off to do some shopping to stock up for possibly 4-5 days of dry camping, as well as for our last potluck dinner here in Cochrane.  We had decided as a group to BBQ and sit outside eating for the first time....the mosquitoes have been out in force most evenings, and it was just easier to eat inside.  Nevertheless, we really wanted to sit outside enjoying the evening air, and the smell of burning meat, so we agreed to meet at 7 pm at our coach.

In the interim I put away our bikes, and straightened up the trailer for the reinsertion of the T-Bird when TLE returned from her shopping foray in Cochrane.  Have you ever noticed that when your wife, or significant other goes shopping without you it seems to take twice as long?  I have, but I can't seem to get reason from TLE why, other than she takes her time, and often goes to more than one store.  Maybe it's because she knows I don't have the patience to go from store to store....I like to go to one store, get what I know I need and then go home.....I don't think that's the way it works when TLE is by herself doing the shopping.....oh well, viva la difference.

Tom and Darlene were gone most of day visiting Darlene's mother one more time before we move on, and some relatives.  When they returned late afternoon they found their Amana refrigerator was not cooling anymore.  Instead of the normal RV type absorption refrigerator, they have a regular side by side household type refrigerator that runs on alternating current instead of 12 volt, or gas like ours.  For whatever reason the compressor would not start.  Fortunately between the Olivier's and ourselves we had enough extra room in our refers to handle their food items until Tom can figure out what is wrong (an update from this morning.....Tom unplugged the Amana for 4 hours, then plugged it back in around 12:30 am, and it has been cooling since.  Apparently the compressor overheated, and shut down....the question yet to be answered is "why?").  Finding a refrigerator in Canada on short notice that will fit the space in their coach would be both difficult and expensive, so we are up in the air as to what we are going to do Wednesday......there goes that Jello again.....:-)

We went over to Jim and Gail's coach around 2 pm to tour their 1987 Newell, and spent about an hour and a half with them.  Jim and Gail have done some cool things in their Newell, and have given us some great ideas for changes we will eventually make to our salon area.

Everyone began to drift over to our coach between 7 and 7:30, and by quarter to eight I was burning meat.....a pork chop for the Olivier's, hamburgers for the McClouds, a steak for Jim, tofu for Gail, and then hamburgers for TLE and I.  Again, miraculously, everything was done at the same time, and everyone was happy with their meat, and/or tofu as the case may be.  We had a delightful dinner of roasted vegetables, roasted onions and mushrooms, Caesar Salad, Rubarb Slushies capped off with a dessert of bread pudding provided by Cindy.  We all applauded the food, and those who had prepared the various dishes....all of our potlucks have been great, but this was the far.

The mosquitoes began to pester us around 9 pm, so we quickly broke up and while our friends retreated to their coaches, TLE and finished putting things away, and then settled in to watch the current installment of "So You Think You Can Dance".

Another day well lived......looking forward to find out how Wednesday turns out!

Thanks for stopping by!

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