Friday, July 12, 2013

Kenmore, Kitchenaide, Whirlpool, SubZero, Bosch……..what to do?

Thursday was a day devoted to diagnosing Tom’s Amana refrigerator…..what was wrong with it, and could it be fixed?  But, before we dove into that project full tilt several of us walked over to the golf shop to use their WiFi……this is a new park, and the owners have not quite figured out how to deliver the free WiFi they promise to the location of the RV park.  They do have good WiFi, but you must be in the golf shop to utilize it. Tom was researching replacement parts, and replacement refrigerators should the worse be determined.  I was publishing my blog entry for Wednesday.  I do have access to the “hotspot” on my phone, but as you know it costs, here in Canada, $25/100 megabytes…..100 mb does not go very far I have found.  I am on my second 100 megabyte purchase, and am saving it for an emergency.

Just as I was leaving to walk back to the coach Tom had reached the store where he purchased the rebuild kit for the type of compressor he does not have……of course, the technician he spoke with was familiar with the compressor Tom has, and insisted that the various components provided would work on either compressor in spite of instructions to the contrary in the printed material.  As it turns out the technician was right, however, after replacing all the suspected relays, capacitors, etc. it was determined that the compressor was the culprit….that took a few hours, but now we sat on the floor with Tom facing the fact the he now needed a new refrigerator, and the number available that will fit the space are few.

Whilst we worked on the Amana the ladies journeyed into a local town to do some shopping, and you know how long that is going to take, right?

In the interim we went ahead and removed the defective Amana from the coach, which, as it turns out was not that difficult…..we just needed four guys to do it plus a couple of the ladies who had returned from their shopping foray an hour, or so before Tom pronounced the Amana deceased.

The temperature was around 70 degrees when within a few minutes a wind came up and the temperature dropped quickly to 56 degrees.  I had been watching a storm cell approaching from the northwest for about an hour, but it seemed to be skirting around our position…..nevertheless the leading winds did hit us with the dramatic temperature drop.  The horizon here is enormous, and views are very, very long.  It’s kind of cool to be able to see a storm coming from 20 miles off.

Soon it was nearing 6:30 pm, and Tom needed to locate a replacement refrigerator in Calgary so we headed back over to the golf shop to surf the interweb.  Yes, the shop is open, because they play golf here pretty late….the last foursome was still out on the course….it’s a short summer, with long daylight portions so you take advantage, right?

Just before the young man came over to let us know he would be closing soon as the last foursome was on the 18th tee, Tom was getting off the phone with a store in Calgary (Trail Appliances) that had 3 Kitchenaides that fit the dimensions Tom needed… we will head into Calgary around 8 am in the morning to be there by 9 when the store opens for business.

The ladies had prepared a great taco salad dinner for us at Forest and Cindy’s coach, and following dinner we convened over at Tom’s coach for another movie night.  Tom is a science fiction buff, so Thursday’s offering  was “Battleship”, which we all seemed to enjoy.  Just as Tom was about to start the movie around 9 pm we noticed there was a beautiful sunset taking place so a few of us headed out for a few pictures first.   The horizon is so large here!

By the time we headed home after the movie around 11 pm the sun had just set below the horizon.  Tomorrow Calgary!

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