Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Fortis et Libre"

Prior to leaving on our journey I rarely paid attention to State mottos, but since that point I make note of ones that interest me.  I love the one for Michigan....."Pure Michigan".  Some are kind of corny, of course.  The motto for the Province of Alberta is Fortis et Libre (Latin)....."Strong and Free".  I think that motto gives one a good sense of the land, and the people of Alberta.  

We awoke in Lethbridge to a cool, refreshing breeze.....quite a departure from the day before where temps hit close to 100.  The forecast for Wednesday in Lethbridge was 79, and the forecast for Cochrane, our destination de jour, was 71.  As a result we didn't feel compelled to blast out of the gate early in the day....we chose to leave around 10 am, and as we eased on to PH 3 (Provincial Highway 3) Tom called out to me on the CB radio....."Clarke it is just 10:02 am"......not too ad for Jello!

The scenery continued to be vast, and stunning......

 A little barn humor.....those Canadians sure have a good sense of humor!

The 3 pictures above were taken by the long views!

Our driving distance for the day was 160 miles, and our GPS program, whom we call Miss Delorme, guided us along some beautiful highways.  We stopped once at what is referred to here in Alberta as a "traffic turnout".....I wish I had taken a picture.....they are usually a little longer than the combined length of our three Newells with towables attached....probably about 300 feet long.  We utilized one of these at about the 90 mile mark leaving just 70 miles to our finish.

Our reason for choosing Cochrane, AB is that one of our fellow Newell owner couples, Jim and Gail Ellis, are camp hosts at Bow Rivers Edge RV Park, and they had invited us to come visit them this summer.  We were able to get three spots in this very popular park.....the reservations, which are a rarity for us, were made back in February.  Our arrival here coincides quite closely with the Calgary Stampede, so reservations are very necessary.

Our idyllic journey was uneventful, but spectacular scenery wise.  Our elevation gradually increased up to 4,100' as we approached our destination passing us through lush forests, but Bow Rivers Edge is right on the Bow River, and our elevation dropped accordingly down to 3,500', where we sit right now.  We arrived around 1:30, and were quickly checked into our sites.  This park is jointly owned by the local Lions Club and Rotary Club, and operated as a non-profit.  The profits of the park each year are donated by the clubs to local charities.  The park is one of the nicer in which we have stayed......wide interior roads, and sites that have wide aprons allowing big rigs to easily enter them......Bridgeview RV Park in Lethbridge could learn a lesson from this park!

 Site # 73....very nice!

Our new view for the next week.....

We spent the afternoon settling in.....getting the 'Bird out, putting out the awning, and taking a nap.  I don't think the actual temperature got much over 70.....the cool breezes coming in the bedroom window caressed me into a delightful 45 minute nap as 60's music wafted about in the background over our XM doesn't get much better.

As has become our custom in our 3 coach caravan we all convened for a potluck dinner, this time at Forest and Cindy's 1996 Newell.  Jim and Gail Ellis, who own a 1987 40' Newell, joined us for a delightful dinner filled with great food, and much laughter and conversation.  A nice ending to another exceptional travel day.  Now we will sit still for 7 days after moving every day for the past 5 days.  We have seen some amazing scenery along the way, and have finally found the cooler climes we have sought for the past 5 days.  I 'm sitting here writing while listening/watching the Tour de is indeed quite fine!

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  1. "45 minute nap as 60's music wafted about in the background over our XM doesn't get much better"

    Seems like your in a good grove right now Clarke as we look outside and see close to 94' with 82% humidity, like to die just walking to the pool...

  2. We are in a good groove right now.....just far enough north of the 60's and raining right now in Cochrane, AB, but was sunny and delightful all day until now...


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