Monday, July 15, 2013


After spending parts of 4 straight days on repairs and replacements we came to Sunday, the Lord’s Day.  Both the Olivier’s and McCloud’s are faithful observers of this day, and almost without exception attend the local denomination of their faith every Sunday.  This Sunday was no exception. 

But, to start things off Sunday the golf course (Beaver Dam) where we are currently domiciled, was having its annual pancake breakfast (sausage links, scrambled eggs, pancakes and orange juice) to show its appreciation for their customers and members.   All of us were invited to partake of this free breakfast, and who are we to turn down free?  Certainly not!  We meandered over around 9 am for breakfast, then while our friends headed off to church we went into the golf store to utilize their WiFi once again.   By the way, we learned Saturday that all of the WiFi in this area is via satellite, which would explain why it is not fast most of the time, and spotty at others.  Just depends on how many people are using it at any one time, and why I am not posting too many pictures lately…..just takes too long to upload them.

 Golfers out on a nice day

On our way to the pancake breakfast

In short TLE and I spent the day relaxing, catching up on some recorded programming, and napping…..well, maybe it was just me napping.  Around mid afternoon TLE and Cindy went over to pay the balance on our week long stay here at Beaver Dam.

I was checking the calendar to see how many days we have spent traveling since we arrived in Sioux Falls, SD on June 14th, and I can only count 7…..and as of Wednesday, June 17th, when we leave Beaver Dam, we will have sat still for 27 days.

We got together around 7:30 for our usual potluck dinner, which consisted of chili, garlic bread, and coleslaw, after which we took a walk around the golf course following the cart paths…..we found out why we haven’t been walking in the evenings…..the mosquitoes are out in force after 9 pm!  Glad I sprayed on some “OFF!” before the walk. 

Around 9 pm on our evening walk with the mossies

Rain is in the forecast for Monday, so we shall see what the Jello has in mind for us.

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