Sunday, July 28, 2013

East of Glacier.....

Since we arrived in Cochrane, AB June 22nd we have traveled only about 650 miles, but we have seen so much.  The memories of the new places, scenery and people will be with us forever.  It seems much longer than 5 weeks since we arrived at Cochrane......just the 2 nights and 3 days we spent in St. Mary seemed like a week......we did soooo much.

When we got up Saturday we had one main thought......let's get moved over to East Glacier and just take the day nothing, see nothing......just relax, read, nap.  It was time for a day off.

When we were in East Glacier two days before for dinner we scouted out Y Lazy R RV Park....just a block off US-2.  It looked like it would work for us....there was one pull through site (#5) at the time, and this was Thursday.....TLE thought we should maybe call and reserve a spot since we would be arriving on a Saturday, but I have to say I have really enjoyed not making reservations again.  We made no reservations in St. Mary, or Browning, so why should East Glacier be any different?

Saturday broke clear and cool.  We departed Sleeping Wolf RV Park around 9:20 am, and drove the 12 miles westward on US-2 to East Glacier where we parked the coach on the main drag (still US-2) and drove the 'Bird into the Y Lazy R RV Park to be sure there was still a spot that would fit us.  I forgot to mention, we did not put the car in the trailer for this short 12 mile trip...what is the point, right?

Site # 5

When we entered the park the same spot (#5) that was open Thursday, was still available, so we rushed back to the coach, and I drove it into the park and snagged the spot on a first come first served was only 9:45 am by that time.  I quickly hooked up the electrical (30 amp + a 15 amp = 45 amps!), the water and the sewer, and then walked money for two days over to the office.  The odds are we will stay here a week, but we didn't want to commit to anymore than 2 days to start with.  If you stay a week you only pay for 6 days, or $150......great rate!  

 This is the view just about 30 feet in front of our coach (TLE's panos)

The views here are great, and it is so, so quiet....I can definitely see us being here a week.  I spent the day reading a Louis L'Amour western, as well as taking a nap, or two.  Around 6 pmTLE took some Salmon out of the freezer, and I BBQ'd it to go along with some delicious stir fry she prepared.  Another home run dinner!

The weather the next week will see temps in the 60's and one day in the 50's......I love Montana!!!  Sunday we will drive into the park to 2 Medicine Lake and do some site seeing and hiking.

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