Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rain, Stampede and other things.....

We thought the rain was behind us after a couple of dry days, but we awoke Monday to heavily overcast skies with a 70% chance of rain by 10 am......well, it began in earnest at 8 am, and continued unabated until after 2 pm.  No doubt the local folks are hoping the rain will go away for longer than two days so they can finally dry out from the flooding.  That kind of killed any site seeing plans we had for the day, so around 11:30 we headed into town to meet the McCloud's and Olivier's at Texas Gate Bar and Grill for lunch again.  

While we ate lunch, which this day consisted of their $5.75 Steak Sandwich special, the Calgary Stampede came on the televisions in the bar.  This is about as close as we will get this time around to the seeing the Stampede.  We watched calf roping, and bronc riding, both which were quite interesting.  These particular events are definitely for the young.....it hurts just watching these guys get flung to and fro on the back of a horse that wants to kill them....most managed to stay on their ride, but some took terrible spills.

The Steak Sandwich was one of the best steaks I have had in some time (other than those I have BBQ'd myself), and at $5.75 is an amazing value!  On this day Jim Ellis, our host, also joined us for lunch.....we sat there talking and laughing until well after 2 pm.  Of course, we had to cross the street to have another MacKay's ice cream cone.

After walking around town for a while TLE and I headed back home in our car, and I opened up the trailer to work on her bike.  On our bike ride Sunday she was having problems with her front brake.....last time it was the back.  So I spent about an hour bleeding the hydraulic line for the front brake before finally getting it to work properly again.

I spent some time trying to get our digital picture frame up to date with more current photos, and did get it updated just before it stopped working......uggggh!  This is the second one that has given up the ghost on us.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't just spent a couple of hours working on importing a new batch of digital pictures into it!

Around 7 pm we headed over to the McCloud's coach for Monday's version of our daily potluck.  On this day Tom cooked pancakes for us.......large, dinner plate sized pancakes!  They were delicious, of course....I think there was only one pancake left at the end. I never turn down breakfast for dinner.

Dinner is finished, but the conversation continues on until almost 9:30

We sat around talking after the pancakes were long gone talking about life on the road, joking with each other, and just generally having a fun time until close to 9:30.....as you can see from the picture the sun had come back out by this time, and it was as if it had never rained....still amazing to me how light it is at 9:30 pm here.

Tuesday will be consumed partially with preparation for our departure Wednesday morning for the Columbia Ice Fields.  We have had a wonderful time here in Cochrane, and made some great new friends!

Thanks for stopping by!

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