Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday, but seems like Saturday

Sunday, as I reported, I cleaned the rear portion of the coach, and the front of the trailer.  Monday  I tackled the rest in between trips over to the office to check my e-mail, etc.  I cannot tell how much of a pain it is to have to walk, bike, or drive a quarter mile to check my e-mail a few times each day.....it seems like I have been doing this for two weeks.....wait....I have been doing that for two weeks, except for the 2 days we were at the Columbia Icefields, when  I had nothing!  There were a few e-mails from Friday I hadn't taken care of yet, so I got on those in between cleaning the coach and trailer.

I finally finished cleaning the entire coach when I remembered I needed to take off the bad trailer tire and run it over to Kirk's Tire, LTD to get a new shoe on it.  After transferring $145 to the very nice people at Kirk's Tire I headed back to Lee Creek RV Park to install the new rubber.  All went well, and as I often report......no small animals, or children were hurt.....and no adults either.

After installing the new rubber on the trailer I proceeded to finish cleaning the trailer, which took about another hour.  During this time it appeared that it was going to rain big time......we saw big dark storm cell approaching quickly from the east....so we hurriedly put the 'Bird back in the trailer as I had cleaned it earlier in the day.....as it turned out the storm cell passed to the north of our position just enough that we got not rain.....just lightning and thunder.

I sat down around 3 to continue reading a book I had started a few days earlier due to having no satellite signal for our TV.  The book is called "Tilted Windmills" by Ann Beardsley.....a good friend of ours whom we first met in Cedar Key, FL back in January.  I had no idea Ann was writing a book, but when she announced it was available as an Ebook I downloaded it to my Kindle.  I finally got around to reading it this past weekend, and loved it......I am saying that sincerely.....I loved it.  She developed her characters perfectly.  I really wanted the villain to suffer  by the end of the book.  I won't say anything more in case you decide to read it.  I have to say I am envious of anyone who can sit down and create characters and a story line, and make it interesting enough for me not to want to put the book down.


I did take a couple of naps during the afternoon.....I was wondering why I was so tired until TLE reminded me of how much I had done Monday.....I really did earn those naps.

I finished Ann's book around 9 pm, then did a little route planning for Tuesday.  As I alluded to in Sunday's post we will be parting ways with Forest and Cindy after a month of traveling together.  We all agree that we have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other, but we also agreed it is time to be by ourselves again, and get back to a travel style of just making it up as we go.  For the first time in a few weeks we have no reservations, and don't know where exactly we will end up each day, but I like that!

We are very excited to be back in Verizon land again where we can use our phones, and broadband freely, so my blog updates should be showing up earlier in the day again for those of you who look forward to reading it over a cup of coffee.

Thanks for stopping by!

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