Saturday, July 6, 2013

Every day feels like Saturday.......

My Friday started out with an instant message from my friend Tom McCloud wishing me "Happy Saturday".....well, I've said often that every day feels like Saturday to me since I retired.....and I accepted his greeting, and returned it......within a minute, or two I realized it was only Friday......once again I have been "punked" by Tom....I bought it hook, line and sinker.

Like Thursday, we decided we would spend Friday continuing to clean, and fix stuff.  TLE pulled down the mini blinds in the bathroom for a thorough cleaning.  As she sat at the picnic table working on the mini-blinds I worked at re-organizing my pull out tool bin......I had to, because my new friend, Jim Ellis, gifted me 4 sealed beam headlights he had removed from his 1987 Newell when he upgraded to better ones.  I don't drive at night, as a rule, and the only real time I use my headlights extensively is when we are driving on narrow two lane highways.  I had used my last spare a year, or so ago, and was planning to restock with a couple for future needs, but now I have 4.  One very good thing about re-organizing anything is that sometimes you pull out something you either forgot you had, or didn't know you had in the first place......for me it was the latter.  My coach has 5 amber marker lights on the front cap, and 5 red marker lights on the back cap.  The particular model of marker lights I have are very hard to find, and it is almost impossible to find the red ones anymore.  Of course, I had noticed a few days ago that the left rear "red" marker light lens was broken, and as of Friday it was now missing.  I found, much to my surprise, a spare red marker light lens in the the pull out bin....I knew I had a couple of amber ones, because I had bought them as spares way back when I bought the coach.  You can't imagine how happy I was to find this spare, because I had already begun to search on the internet for a replacement source, and was also contemplating replacing all 10 with some more readily available marker lights.  I may yet still have to do this, but that date has now been forestalled.

The "found" market light lens replacement

After repacking all the items back in the slide out drawer everything fit, and is now much easier to access.

While TLE continued to clean the bathroom mini-blinds, I "washed" the had rained just hard enough Thursday night to make it look dirty, and, of course a local bird had made a deposit right smack dab in the middle of the windshield.  I used a new waterless system, which cleans and waxes at the same time.  All you need is a couple of micro fiber towels.  It took me about 45 minutes to put a shine on the girl, and she looks great......of course, you know what happens when you wash your car, right?  It almost guarantees there will be rain added to the forecast.

Once that "washing task was done we took the top off the car, and I drove into old town Cochrane for a much needed haircut.  Forest, my Newell friend, recommended a place called "A Little Off the Top" on 1st Street West, where he had just been....well, Forest's haircut looked pretty good, so I decided to give them a try.  Yelp gives them 5 stars, and that is my rating, too, after getting one of the best haircuts I have had in 17 months.  Margaret was my stylist, and she did a great job.  Haircuts are a little more pricey in Alberta at $21....I'm used to paying $14 in the States.

While I was driving back "home" I noticed a little place with al fresco dinning called Olive 'R Twist Bistro and Bar, so when I got home around 3 I suggested to TLE that we drive over for a couple of appetizers, and a brew.......she had finally finished cleaning the bathroom mini-blind and was ready for a break, so she quickly changed and we headed back.  We found seating outside, although the skies were looking a little threatening, the temperature was still pleasant.

We both ordered a Guiness Stout to go with the Sweet Potato Fries, and Hoisin Chili Chicken Strips.....both appetizers were superb.  We sat talking and just enjoying the old town's been a while since we ate out, and we enjoyed ourselves as always.  

We had barely returned "home" around 4:30 when the skies opened up......remember the car washing thing?  The weather guessers had given it a 30% chance of rain.....well, that 30% dumped rain on us for the next 4 hours.

Around 6:30 we walked down to Tom and Darlene's coach in the rain for dinner with the "usual suspects", and we had another great meal filled with laughter and much conversation.  By the time we finished around 9:30 the rain had stopped.

Saturday we will be doing some local site seeing.....thanks for stopping by!

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