Tuesday, November 4, 2014


When you live as close to 'Mother Nature' for extended periods of time in a fixed location as we have been doing for the past almost 6 months the odds increase exponentially with each passing day that you might pick up an unwanted passenger, or two.  On Sunday TLE said she thought she had found a couple of mouse droppings, and had me look at what she found.  I had to concur with her assessment........eeeeek!  The sixty-four dollar question then becomes "is it, or are they still with us?".  Well, the only way to find out for sure it to by a couple of mouse traps and see what 'turns up'.

I was going to make a run over to Lowe's to pick up the water hose insulation, and a couple of other odds and ends (Come on, you know what I'm talking about.....there are always a few unexpected purchases when you make a run to Lowe's, or Home Depot, right?  You go intending to buy one, or two specific things that you have taken the time to write down on a Post-It-Note, but then you see something else you wish you had, or really need, and suddenly your anticipated $20 tab becomes a $46 tab), so I just added the mouse traps to the list.

Of course, before I could drive I had to scrape some overnight frost off the windshield........after Lowe's I headed to a local 'full service' car wash to get two months of Cape Blanco salt air washed off the VW...there is a very nice one just a few blocks from where we are staying....in fact there is a lot of cool stuff within walking distance of where we live.

After returning home I started in on my hose insulation project and quickly discovered I was about three feet short of covering the hose, so as is often the case, a second trip to Lowe's was in order.  Instead of driving TLE and I decided to take a walk through the Legend's Mall to see what was there........

Legends is really an 'Outlet Mall', but the main anchor store is Scheels........a gigantic, over the top sporting goods store that, to me, puts to shame Cabela's and Pro Bass.......they have a fricken' Ferris Wheel inside that building!  We walked around the ground floor, and the second floor 'ooohing and awwwwing' for about an hour before exiting and continuing our walk through the mall.

 From Scheels it was a short walk to Lowe's, but wait, it was past lunch time and there was a Popeye's Chicken place right next door to Lowe's......I've never been to a Popeye's before so we decided to have lunch there.....wow....that chicken is spicey good!

Finally we headed into Lowe's to get the remainder of the insulation for the hose, and then finished our walk back home.

I finished up the hose project, and then TLE helped me open the main patio awning so, just like the window awnings, we could get it dried out from all the moisture at the Cape.  You don't want to leaving patio awnings out here as there is an afternoon wind that comes up pretty much every day, and people have been known to have their awnings destroyed, so around 4, after we were sure it was dry, we stowed it away again.

I think I have mentioned it before, but I have a cousin from my mother's side of the family (Lois) that lives here in Sparks with her husband.......my uncle Bob (mother's brother) also lives here in Sparks.   We were able to have lunch with them when we were in Carson City about this time last year, so I was looking forward to seeing them again.  I got an instant message from Lois about midday suggesting they meet us for dinner at BJ's Brewery, which is just a few blocks from the park, so we agreed to meet there at 5:30.

We had dinner with Lois, John (Lois' husband) and their oldest son Chris, and talked until almost 8 o'clock when we all decided it was time to head for home......we have an earlier Tuesday.....we must be at Amazon before 8 am to begin our orientation and training.

Before hitting the sack I deployed two mouse traps hoping on some level we really don't still have a mouse, or mice as the case may be, but hoping would get something to at least answer the question definitively.....well, when I turned on the lights this morning there 'he' was....the little bugger......

We'll reset the traps for a few more days hoping there are no more, but if there are......EEEEEK!

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