Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hump Day....

Unlike the workaday world where 'hump' day means it is Wednesday and you are officially half way through your 5 day work week, 'hump' day for us shift 6 folk just means an off day, and you still have 3 more work days before you get your second 'off' day.  I was up shortly after 12 pm, and TLE by 1 pm.  Back in our Campbellsville days we would spend our day off just trying to recuperate and get ready for the next work day.  This year we don't feel like we are in recuperation mode on our off days.  We are mentally and physically sound, so that means we have time to get out and do things like go and see a movie, which is what we did Wednesday afternoon.

We had wanted to see Interstellar, and found out it was playing at the Sparks Galaxy theaters right over next to Scheel's.  This theater is something new for us.  Each theater in the complex features power leather recliners, and you actually get to choose your seats at the time you purchase your tickets.....

Let the movie begin!

After watching a movie at this theater all other theaters will be a disappointment.  We loved the almost three hour movie, but be warned, it is very intense, and thought provoking.

After the movie we strolled over to O'Cleary's  for some appetizers and a couple of pints...

Recliner section

Bowling lanes

This is kind of a combination (as you can tell from the pictures above) Irish Pub, bowling alley, and pool hall.  A very cool place.  They have a section of recliners sitting in front of several large screen TV's where can watch sports in comfort, a bar, a bowling alley, and a pool room.  Yelp only gives them 3.5 stars, but we would come in at a solid 4.

We retired home for the evening where I began the installation of our new DirecTV standard receiver that is replacing the one that went bad last Friday, and then we watched a couple of movies on Netflix and were in bed by 2:30 am....trying to keep our night time cycle alive!

And our TBT (Throwback Thursday) picture for today....our son, Chris, was 6, and our daughter, Meredith, was 1 month old....we only had 2 kids then.

TBT - At the beginning of our first motorhome trip in 1978

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