Wednesday, November 19, 2014

RNO1 - Day 10 - Workin' and Sleepin'

As was the case two years ago at Amazon in Campbellsville, KY there is a point you come to where you feel like all you are doing is working and sleeping, and that point has once again arrived for me.  Essentially, here is our schedule on work days.....

--At 3 pm I begin thinking I have only 2 hours until we get in the car to go to work
--At 4 pm on work 'days' we eat 'dinner'
--At 4:30 we get dressed
--At 5 pm we are in the car on our way to RNO1
--At 5:30 we sit down in the break room waiting to go clock in
--At 5:55 we clock in and proceed to the 'Stand Up' area for announcements and stretching
--At approximately 6:15 we head to our designated 'stowing' areas for our night's work
--At 10 pm we take a 15 minute break
--At 12:30 am we have lunch for 30 minutes
--At 3 am we take a 15 minute break
--At 4:30 we clock out for the night, and drive home arriving just after 5 am
--From 5 am to around 6 am we unwind then go to bed for about 6 hours (for me)
--At Noon I am usually up drinking coffee and writing my blog

So essentially here is the breakdown......21 hours of either thinking about working, getting ready to work, driving 60 miles round trip, actually working, and then sleeping (for me) and just about 3 hours of consciousness when I'm not thinking about Amazon before it starts all over again.  On our days off, such as today, I get up at Noon, and before I know it the night has arrived, and I am once again thinking about work the next day....even on days when I am not working.  Hence this vague feeling begins to settle in that all I am doing is working and sleeping, or thinking about working.  This time around, however, I feel more detached from those feelings.....kind of like I am a third party observer of someone else's life....weird, isn't it? Time flies by.....almost like I am watching a TV episode where it only takes 22 minutes to see an entire day pass by in someone's imaginary life.  When we walk out the Nevada entrance to Amazon at 4:30 it does not feel like 10.5 hours has just feels much shorter.

Do I regret our decision (I use 'our' because it was a joint decision, not unilateral) to work at Amazon again?  Not one bit......this is a short term obligation, and the reward is several thousand dollars flowing into our savings.  After we are released sometime just before Christmas we will have no work obligations again until May, or June, and it can hardly be called work to spend the summer at South Lake Tahoe with good friends, with more money flowing into our accounts, as well as making new memories, and more good times with good friends.  We have about 5 more weeks of mostly 5 day work weeks after this Saturday, so that means we have been here almost 3 weeks, oh my now the time flies by!

During our first 'Stand Up'  at 6 pm it was announced that those on the night shift will not have to report for work until 10 pm on Thanksgiving.....woohoo! That will give us more time with my cousin and uncle as well as their families.

Our Tuesday night/Wednesday morning shift was rather routine.....we are both settling into our 'stowing' jobs quite nicely, and making some new friends along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I think you mean at 12:30 *am* you have lunch! I really like the short-term aspect of the Amazon commitment, as the end is already just five weeks away. But that ridiculous commute is for the birds! I think I would rather boondock in their parking lot and pocket what they pay for the RV park.